Monday, April 1, 2013

Passover Supper (Seder)

This week is Passover. We did ours on Friday night.

Our Passover Dinner:
(read below for recipe, information on Passover & our evening)
Steamed Broccoli
Fish Sticks (for the kids that we had over)
I dedicate this Passover to my grandmother-in-law, who I sadly, did not get to know well but I do know she has so much love for her family and was simply put, amazing!

We are having my friend and my son's friend over, to share this holiday with. 
We are celebrating what is part of our culture, not necessarily religion. There is a difference. 
I just found out part of who I am, which is Jewish. My husband's family is culturally Jewish.
From what we understand, our great and great great grandparents were devote in their faith.
So for us, our kids knowing who part of who they are and incorporating our past with our present (and future) is super important for us.

Traditional Passover Plate:
(The Passover Plate is the ceremonial plate, not the dinner)
Symbols of the foods eaten at Passover:
Matzah- (represents Jews having to leave egypt and not having time to let the dough rise, therefore creating Matzah)
From the box at the store

Roasted Egg (Symbolises life continuing)
We boiled it and then 'roasted' it under a flame. 

The Shank Bone (Symbolises scrafice)
We baked it at 350 degrees until cooked enough and a little more.

Bitter Herbs (Symbolises Slavery and Harship)
We honestly used cilantro, which is an herb, but we needed something and that is what we had.

The Vegetable (Symbolises Hope and redemption)
We steamed broccoli as the vegetable (per our guest's pick) and used that as the vegetable.

Salt Water (Symbolises tear shed)
Water and kosher salt mixed.

Charoset (Symbolises Jews as slaves building)
This one takes a little more.
Here is the recipe that I got asked for! This is my own- so proud.
1 Cup applesauce
1 tsp cinnamon
1/3 cup almonds
1/2 cup raisins
1-2 Plums

1. Take the almonds and smash them with the fork.
2. Put in the bottom of the bowl and add the rest of the ingredients, mix, and your are done!

 The Matzah Hunt! 
Of course, the tradition is as goes, to hide the matzah and have the kids find it. Whomever that finds it is the winner. Woot! The funny thing is, that the tore apart the entire couch even though it was in a cloth under the blue blanket the entire time. We ended up having to play "you're getting hotter, now you are getting colder" game to get them to find it. Steven, who is 10, ended up finding it first. And boy was he happy to find it. Ate it like a rabbit with glee even though he did not want to try matzah in the first place. (Guess hiding it helped?)

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Rose Martin said...

What fun! Passover in Victoria's Kitchen looks amazing.

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