Monday, June 3, 2013

Vegetarian For a Month? Yes!

Congrats to our winners for our Spring Giveaway for Food Labels!

So, Vegetarian for a month?
Can I feed a family of 5, on a budget, nutritionally sound, and do it on a vegetarian diet?

Why, oh why would I do this you ask?
Well, first my husband and I have ALWAYS had squanders about buying meat. This is because of how the animals are treated in some businesses. 
And cost, oh the cost. I can spend so much more on meat than I do the rest of the food I buy and that is with buying meat scarcily and dividing it up into half pounds when I get home.

I look at it this way:
With the rise in food prices, and in the quest to be healthier, I think it has finally come to a head for us.
I wish with all my being  I could super coupon to save money on groceries- but let's be honest; I do not like to buy foods that are convential or pre-packaged food. Which alot of coupons cover. 

I generally try to buy foods I have to make. 
I even, (wait for it), buy the 50 lb bag of flour from Costco. Yes, I even bake myself. Unless I find a loaf for $1. 

But again, I predict I can save alot of money going vegeterian. Now, keep in mind, still buying milk, cheese, eggs and yoghurt.  

What is my protein source?
Tofu! Nuts! Eggs! Beans! Legumes! Dairy!

Ew, tofu- you say? 
Well, fret not. Tofu takes on the flavour of what you cook with it. 

And tofu is less than $1/lb. I buy 6 pounds of tofu for $4.50! 
Imagine if you bought red meat, beef. 
Beef right now for us, on sale, is $2.10 to $2.99 a pound. That is easily double the price at 6 pounds. It would be $12.60 to $17.94. I could buy 24 pounds plus of tofu for the price of 6 pounds of meat. Wowza!

This may put us vegeterians for life!

Every week  I will update you on what I and my family eat per day, with recipes, and how much I spent, without coupons, for the day. 

Happy First Week of June!

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