Wednesday, January 29, 2014

All Nighters: Day 12 (Thankfulness Project)

I am thankful for all nighters (once in a while).
I know- I am crazy, right?
But think about it.

If you are a parent, what time do you have? Especially if you are like me and homeschool. I had to submit all their work for the past semester (which is what you have to do depending upon your county/school district/program). I did not plan to be up until 4:30 am, but I was. 

In the midst of life going on, I realised one thing. An all nighter was going to be the way to go.
There are times when it is really called for. 
Planning a morning birthday surprise, getting the house clean after kids all day, your work, getting all the paper work dealt with for one thing. Sometimes it has to happen.

I mean, really, I can't spend that amount of time even divided in my day without spending a week or two (or more) because I have kids home. Which, I am not complaining about, but it does make you realise that each moment is super precious.

I have honestly had a bad habit, I realised after this, of putting things off because I was justifiably tired or worn out or sick or just did not have time because I was dirt busy. So, another commitment to myself is scanning all their work at the end of the day and emailing things in better blocks. Live and learn. 

So here is to learning, the all nighter, and getting it done!

(<-- Day 11: Ice Cream!) (Day 13: Siestas!-->)

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