Thursday, January 30, 2014

Siestas: Day 13 (Thankfulness Project 365)

I am thankful today for siestas!
You know, when you do those all nighters and it catches up to you.

I have an uncle who can sleep standing up and with his eyes open. And he used to do it during the day all the time, so I think he pulled all nighters. Haha. But seriously, it was interesting. We did not know sometimes when he was staring in outer space or when he was asleep. We would try to walk by and try to test if he was awake or just trying to freak us out. 

But I recently pulled an all nighter to get something much needed done. 
What is an all nighter?
An all nighter is where you stay up for the majority of the night or all night (literally no sleep) to get something done. 

I love siestas because not only are they helpful when you do an all nighter, but also because when you have that mid day lull, it helps. Sometimes even when I have not done all nighters, I take some no brain time, even if awake, so I can just relax my body and mind during the day. Now, with my son sitting at the table screaming right now, which happens frequently- the screaming, that time is very limited.

Siestas are naps in the afternoon. 
There are countries where it is the tradition and there are studies showing productivity goes up when you take a siesta. So why not?

When I can, I try to take a siesta.
Try it sometime!

Seriously- it can change your outlook on your entire day!

(<-- Day 12: All Nighters!) (Year of the Horse-->)

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