Monday, January 27, 2014

Food: Day 10 (Thankfulness Project 365)

Today I am thankful for food!

There is nothing like being sick and not being able to eat to appreciate that first bite that you can keep down afterwards. 

I have to admit that I ate though I should not have- what? The soyrizo was calling my name!
I paid the price but now I am feeling better- ok a little better. 
So after a long nap and only have eaten a banana I forced myself to have a shake for lunch. 
It really helped and now my appetite is back up.

So if you are sick, I feel you. 
Tis the time of year. Oh yay...not.
If you need to, for energy, please eat something small.
You may feel better and I hope you do.

Irregardless, food is something we sometimes are thankful for but not everyone is. 
The amazing thing I have taught my kids that there are so many that do not have the same. I have been one of those personally who have gone hungry not by choice several times in my life. I am sure many people have. Although we can not afford to eat like most families do, I am thankful for everything I am able to get for my families to feed their bellies. And it is nice because we get to learn new recipes, get creative, and sometimes it is frustrating. However, remembering that we are not alone is great. 

I was very proud of my son who raised over 25 pounds of food for the Capital Area Food Bank in our area. He walked around the neighborhoods, knocked on doors, and collected the food. He then donated them and what an amazing thing it is, how much a difference a 7 year old can make. He made a difference, learned a lesson, and appreciates his food well. (Very well, he eats so much!)

Remembering and appreciating the small things makes that food taste so much better.

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