Sunday, January 26, 2014

Grammy's: Day 9 (Thankfulness Project)

Today I am thankful for the Grammy's!
I was able to watch shows of many different artists.
The amazing performance where Pink showed her skills.
The amazing performance with Stevie Wonder, Pharell, and more.
I personally loved Katy Perry.

And Queen Latifah ordaining a ton of weddings was awesome.
How cool would it be to have your wedding at the Grammy's?!

Why am I thankful for this today?
I was not feeling good today.
I was sick and bed ridden and it was a great mood booster to be able to watch the Grammy's.
While people may have their opinions about performances or about who won what award, at the end of the day, they are all artists and they obviously know their craft.

So simply put, watching an awards show and those performances- that was awesome.
Thank you for the small things.
Maybe I will come back and edit what I thought and all but last night was about resting and enjoying the show.

Now back to resting.

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