Monday, January 20, 2014

Snow: Day 3 (Thankfulness Project 365)

So I have an admission to make.
I L.O.V.E. the weather. 
I relish on putting together a 'live puzzle' that moves and flows with the Earth and us.
How amazing are the tools today that we can see weather patterns so many days in advance?

I remember this last summer, watching patterns of weather, tropical waves, coming off the coast of Africa and into the Atlantic ocean as they tried to make their ways to us. Unfortunately the patterns lined up so that the jet stream/pressure line up pushed them right back out to sea.
I remember based on this, I told my husband we are going to have a more interesting winter. 

So just say the words, jet stream, pressure changes, barometer changes, snow, hurricane, earthquake, thunderstorm, derecho, blizzard, any weather word and you have me roped in.

Sometimes I can, no joke, feel the weather coming ahead, way ahead, of it's main character.

This time, I have felt the weather change even though it was 50 degrees outside today. I could feel it, (the pressure changes) in my joints. Tomorrow night, we will jump down to 8 degrees with real feel below zero. Well, I may just update this post as the day goes on with snow totals.
If you are in the mid-atlantic or on the Eastern seaboard and get snow, let me know what you get!

Happy extended weekend for those kids who get school off tomorrow, and adults who get work off!

The Perfect Snow Science Project post will keep you updated with what is going on for our snow levels.

 Go ride a sled or something!

( <-- Day 2: Restoration!) (Day 4: Science! -->)

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