Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Science: Day 4 (Thankfulness Project 365)

I have spent a lot of time today doing science.
Measuring snow.
Staying inside and keeping warm when not measuring snow.
Every hour we have gone out measuring snow and writing it down.

I am so happy for science. Being able to apply fun science to every day life.

I realised, I just love science.

Of course, looking at weather maps, and measuring snow is part of that.
But I am talking more than that. 

Making a volcano in the back yard with my kids.
Mixing oil and water. 

Turning on the shower on hot to steam the windows and then open the window when hot and see how long it takes to make the mirror de-steam. 

Looking at the stars and watching the maps of stars.
Measuring things, testing theories.

Making a bouncy ball out of a raw egg.
Making silly puddy.
Mixing ingredients just to see what comes out.

Doing every day science in the daily things we do!

I am thankful for science- for where would we be without it? 

You, yes you, go get your science on!

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