Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hugs: Day 6 (Thankfulness Project 365)

Today I am thankful for hugs.
When I get them, they are beautiful.
Especially when they come from the six arms that I gave life to.

They can take those hard things in your life and soften the blow.
They can make you smile.
They make you remember what is most important.

Sometimes, they give you hugs to as a plea for other things. Mine does.
He wants to be picked up so he will hug me.
Or he wants a cookie. Ha ha! We know three year olds do that!
Sometimes, it can be too much, when they are begging for sweets, but almost never do I reject a hug from my babies.

Do not underestimate the power of a hug. 
They say that a hug for 20 seconds can have profound affects on stress levels as it releases oxytocin.

20 seconds can make you happier!
 How little time is that?

We spend so much time on stress, on little things, and worry whether the bus will be faster than the train. So 20 seconds is nothing in compare to that.

We have become a nation of keeping to our selves.
What happened to be a nation of brotherly and sisterly love?
Instead of worrying about who is sitting next to you on the bus, talk to them. Say hi. Smile.
You talking to them could be a 'spoken' hug.

Hugs, while mostly thought to be wrapping arms around each other and holding each other, while happy or crying, in good times or bad is not the only way to give a hug.
They are many ways to give hugs.

I am so tempted to join the "Free Hugs Campaign!"
If only we loved others in simple ways can we change the world profoundly!

I would take hugs from friends, family, and my three babies any day.

Get and give hugs! 

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