Friday, January 24, 2014

National Compliment Day: Day 7 (Thankfulness Project 365)

Today I learned from the Today Show that it is National Compliment Day.
National Compliment Day was started in 1998 by a woman named Debbie Hoffman and Kathy Chamberlin from New Hampshire! How cool is that? I think it is a great that this is a National Day. A day to compliment at least 5 people that around you. Even a co worker.
The best is to compliment someone you love, someone you are struggling with, someone you do not know even. Why, because it makes you feel better and gives someone a special lift in their day.

I know compliments can be the thing that lifts my spirits. The most important thing is that it is genuine. I don't want to give or receive half cocked compliments because then they are truly not compliments. The most important thing is to be honest from the heart. If you are honest with yourself and the other person, a compliment can only do good to the relationship, no matter how good or bad that relationship is. Sometimes the difference is that in relationships that people take for granted what and who they have in their lives and it becomes mundane to say I love you or to say I appreciate that you cooked for me.

What does a compliment look like? 
Oh, clearly it is as soon as you walk in the door and balloons and confetti fall and someone falls to your knees and says "you are the most amazing human being that ever did live and walk through that door", right? Bahahaha- not! 

A compliment is a true ring of happiness, truth or feeling you extend to the person you give the compliment to. It can be the simplest things that are the best to compliment someone on. 
You have a beautiful smile today! You are looking great today! Thank you for helping with the dishes today. Thanks for the feedback on the paper! Little things like that really can make a difference. 

Be it true, not fake! That is the number one rule to a compliment!

So call that person today. 
So text that person today.
So Facebook Message that person today.
So send a card or letter in the mail today.
So e-mail that person today.
So send an E-card via:

Ok, you get the idea. 
So, are you doing it?

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