Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Chocolate: Day 18 (Thankfulness Project 365)

Yup, any one else quilty or quite proud?

Oh yay baby!

I love love love me my chocolate.
I went through phases of chocolate too.
I had where I would only eat chocolate with nuts, chocolate that was not milk chocolate, and now I eat it all.

I wish that I did not eat it so much.
In fact I am thinking of downsizing my chocolate.
Right now, I am working on no ice cream.
It is like a drug- really.

When things are not going right in the day, when things are going right in the day, when I am happy, when I am sad, and mostly when I am stressed, I go to sweets.
Right now, it is a no ice cream home zone.
Soon, it will be a limited chocolate home zone.
No snacking straight up on chocolate chips. Adding chocolate syrup on everything.

I love chocolate but I have to do it in moderation.

(<-- Crock Pot) (Coffee -->)

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