Saturday, February 1, 2014

Excedrin: Day 15 (Thankfulness Project 365)

Today I am thankful for Excedrin.
I know, sounds weird.
But if you suffer migraines like I do, even if you drink water and coffee, it can be a life saver.

I am the kind of person who does not like to take medicine.
When it starts to interfere with my ability to live that is a problem.
I have realised more frequently that I am taking it but I am not sure if I am just realising I have to take it or if my headaches are more and more turning into migraines.

If you have migraines or really bad headaches, watch your signs.
Take it early. 
I am learning slowly but surely that I have to just give in a take it instead of wasting an entire day. 
It is not being un natural to take it if you need it. 
I have not stood up to myself enough to just realise it is better to take it than to try to be on the couch and being a grouch all the time. 

Before taking Excedrin these are my personal things I try:
1) Coffee (Excedrin has caffeine in it and it helps the migraine)
2) Water (lots of it, drink 2 glasses straight up and then slowly)
3) Protein (anything will do with protein, sometimes that is all you need)
4) Rest (especially if you are lacking in rest, but take a few minutes, eyes closed, resting).

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