Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl: Day 16 (Thankfulness Project 365)

Today I am thankful for the Super Bowl!
It got my son and daughter happy and gave us an excuse to make homemade chili and eat it too!
Kids made their Kid Approved Easy Chili, and I made my Super Bowl Beef Chorizo and Black Bean Chili. So good and we have leftovers! Yum!
Had popcorn, made strawberry lemonade pops, homemade corn tortillas, homemade avocado rum cocktail- it was a big bowl full of yum!

But let's be honest about that game. Or was it a game?

It was seriously like this conversation happened before the game:
Seahawks: "So, congrats on making it to the Super Bowl. Just, you know, it is the Year of the Horse (Happy Lunar New Year by the way), and since you got that, can you just give us this win? Thanks."
Broncos: "K"

I had friends 3000 miles away announce they were turning the t.v. off and I have never heard them say ever! 

Let's just all admit, when knew that game was o-v-e-r before Bruno Mars performed.
22-0 at half time. Ouch.
Ended up 43-8.

At the very least, it inspired my sons and daughter to throw a balloon around like a football and a plastic football. I think that was more entertaining- especially since they managed to not break anything. My baby fell asleep pretty quick, and he is a late nighter. I could not get him to sleep if I tried before 10pm usually and he was out like a light. 

But the most important thing was spending time with my family.
How did you spend time with your family this week?

(<-- Excedrin) (Crock Pot -->)

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