Sunday, February 16, 2014

Parenting Advice: Day 28 (Thankfulness Project 365)

It takes a village right?
I think it does.
I am thankful for the moments where you can talk with someone, either someone you know or don't, and they give you very valid and pertinent advise from where you are at.
Realising cross cultural parenting is very difficult and is hard everyday.
There are going to be things you agree about and things you don't.
I hate not being able to compromise or when something is obviously not working, not changing.
It makes me very tired to keep circling in the same pattern if it leads no where.
I am a doer, a fixer, a mother.
I do not like seeing no progress.
Am I tough on my kids to expect a lot of them?
You are sure skippy I do!
I expect them not to become rude bratty kids.
They best be polite and have manners.
They best love their neighbors and try their best.
They best have respect, both for themselves and others.
A tall order, I am sure.

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