Monday, February 17, 2014

President's Day: Day 29 (Thankfulness Project)

We are happy to have a holiday!
Especially anything that makes a 3 day weekend.
Now, apparently, my husband did not get the memo since he went to work anyways.
Well hopefully that is a gold coin in the bank of kudos for him.
One day, you never know, he may need it.

Also, it gives a day to catch up on homework, or watch Olympics in our case. 
But also to learn about presidents.
You can check here about Washington's Birthday and Lincoln's and Jefferson's-- in fact, it is one big historical birthday party. It is a cool way to learn about some cool presidents that go down in history. 
It was in 1971 it became a federal holiday but Washington's Birthday has been a national holiday since 1885! 

You can learn fun facts and have lots of school activity sheets here at Dltk Kids
There are crafts and fun things for president's day here at Enchanted Learning.

Happy President's Day!

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