Thursday, February 13, 2014

We Are...Snowed IN!

Now, excuse me while I get some more rest, than coffee, jump up and down of giddiness, and watch as it continues to snow! 

I will continue to watch and gawk at the snow we have and will continue to get. They expect a few more inches on top of the 10-14" we have already.

By the way, for the record (and you can ask my husband, a few friends maybe and my mum), but I had a dream about 10-14" of snow- no joke!

Well, TA-DA!
My dream came true and there are many happy snow lovers!

According to Capital Weather Gang, parts of Frederick and Loudon counties here in MD may see up to 2 feet of snow after all measurements come in! 
Someone already measured 18" in  Germantown, MD. 

Some people in downtown D.C. have measured 9". 

Let me explain that in D.C., weather that your neighbor receives you may not. Meaning, two blocks away you can get 12" snow and another two blocks away it's 9". It is interesting. One reason D.C. weather fascinates me.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

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