Thursday, March 27, 2014

Muppets Most Wanted Movie Review

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PG 1 hour 40 minutes
Family Friendly

Family Rating: 5 out of 5

Some Big Names:
Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett
Salma Hayek
Tina Fey
P Diddy
Usher Raymond
Christopher Waltz
Celine Dion
Disney's Ross Lynch
SO many more

Constantine- evil frog, adult agent Dominic, as #2

A world tour, as the 7th sequel to the most famous Muppets on the face of the Earth!

Frog, unknowledging, hires #2, to do a world famour tour. First stop, Berlin.
After Dominic makes fakes promises to the muppets, Kermit quickly gets overruled. 
Piggy is after Kermit's heart, and his hand in marriage. 
Dominic sends Kermit on a misguided walk after a fight with Piggy.
Of course it is on purpose and he is caught as Constantine takes his place. 
What is Constantine after?
The crown jewels of England. 

They use the play as the cover for a deeper plot. 
Steal the painting next door. 

Kermit gets taken to the Siberian prison, in mistaken identity.
Tina Faye comes in as the prison guard.

Constantine in the meantime has to keep appearances as both himself undercover and as Kermit.
Leading the muppets around the world, doing shows, while undercover with his plan.

Kermit transforms Nadia's inmates from tone deaf lamers to amazing dancing/singing group.

Some muppets start suspecting and venture to help save Kermit as they go around the world.

Loved the classic references like (Flintstones).

Musical Numbers I like:
Tina's Faye Prison Number
The Intergoration Scene Number
The end

5 out of 5 stars for me

My daughter's review:
I like that it has things that could really happen, such as breaking into places.
It teaches you a little thing. A few things.
The things they left behind (calling cards).
It has a little bit of people and lots of courage.


My son's review:
It was really funny.
Really good characters in it.
Friendship together.
When they get separated by evil and the evil guy takes over Kermit by replacing him.
Kermit gets thrown in jail.
Everyone started to make a plan to get out of jail.
The guard kept catching him.
Everyone was happy in the end.
All I have to say.


The show must go on...

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