Friday, October 31, 2014

The Book of Life Movie Review

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Family Score: 5/5

I personally love this movie.
 It may have a few dark moments but I really love that this movie came out. We  pre-screened it before it came out. We have rented it today. 

A few modern kids get a surprise of a lifetime when they visit a museum. 
Their tour guide takes them somewhere special....

Something few have seen.
These kids have never heard of Dia de Los Muertos.
A candy stuffed pre teen learns the true meaning...
Of November 2.

Land of the Promised.
Land of the Forgotten.

La Muerta takes them on a magical, inspirational, spiritual, and educational journey.

The ruler of the Land of the Promised and the ruler of the Land of the Forgotten....
make a wager! 
The poetic, guitar play boy and the sword fighter boy...
Who will marry the girl they both pine for.

Someone cheats.....
Turning everything into a wild journey that tears apart 3 friends.

Manolo versus Joaquin

Maria goes away to school to tame her free spirit.
Manolo follow in his family's bull fighting foot steps, with a passion for music.
Joaquin looking for the same prestige, courage, and status as his late father.


duty versus heart.

Manolo takes the sacrifice to die to find his love after she gets bitten...
though her bite is temporary. his is not.
He reunits with family in the Land of the Remembered.
But must ensue on a big trip to reverse the curse to find his love.

To be a true hero, you must be selfless and write your own pages.

A new classic in the hearts of American families. 

5 of 5 stars for me.

My Daughters Review:
I like it because it shows to care for others.
Sacrifice for other people. 
True Love.
It had a lot of heart.
It's a 100 out of 5.

My Sons Review:
It is about learning about life.
Sacrificing your life for others.
The moral of the story.
It shows no matter your size you have the power to change the world.
5 out 5.

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