Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Jurassic World Movie Review and Giveaway

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Jurassic World



One of the best movies for Summer 2015!!

Coming this Friday, 12th of June to a Theatre Near You!

The movie is simply, in my opinion, a great modern sequel to the other Jurassics. 
You will not be disappointed, I assure you.
See it in IMAX 3D!

The world's first screening got introduced by the Mayor of Kauai, who told us how thrilled he was to have the movie filmed there but also told us what Aloha meant. 

What happens when the boys go without mum and dad to an Island, a resort, much like we have with Great America, but all Dinosaur themed? 
Boys and girls dream of being able to feed a dinosaur.
Here they do that. 
The boys get to experience that to a great level- their aunt works at Jurassic World

Like many theme parks though, they worry about making money as well as keeping the attractions fun and looking after the animals. What does the aunt do? 

What happens when humans play mother nature and alter the genes, making hybrid dinosaurs to make the new coming attraction? 
Will humans be able to control and make money on the hybrid dinosaur or will it make it's own free will and escape?

I can't give you the answer...
and you thought I would!

Go see it for yourself! 
Amazing special effects!

That being said, if you take your child, make sure that they are old enough and can deal with humans being swallowed whole, or any kind of blood. In my opinion, not overly graphic, but can scare kids. I would say PG 13 tells the age level well! 

Here is the trailer, but it does not do it justice! 
Just for that, I will do 3 trailers, and still, no justice to how awesome the movie is!


Mom and Moreare doing an awesome giveaway!!
Come enter Here for Jurassic World Prize Pack!
And then go see the movie!!!

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