Saturday, August 22, 2015

Coconut Oil: Simple Breakfast Boost

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While there has been a lot of talk about studies and whether people see real benefit or not, I can first hand say, it does. 

I am a pretty skeptical person, but it really does work.
* By the way, not paid by Quaker Oats nor is it intended as a advertisement 

Inside and out (no, not the movie, although I may just have gotten it stuck in your head, my bad!)

Why is coconut oil so awesome and amazing?!
Let me tell you just a few things! 
It helps rev up your metabolism.
It helps curb hunger.
It is a healthy fat. 
Makes you regular. 

So how do I get my daily dose of it? 

I add a tsp in here and there to my foods.

Let's start with breakfast!

I put it with Chia Seeds into my Oatmeal.
I add in a tsp or two into my oatmeal.
(People have added in to other foods as well.)

That simple, my friends!

What do you do for your breakfast boost?

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How can you start everyday with coconut oil? It is super easy! #coconutoil #breakfastpower #health
Posted by Via Bella on Saturday, August 22, 2015

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