Friday, December 4, 2015

~~ Fibonacci Necklace + Holiday Giveaway ~~ {with Boutique Academia}

One of my good friends and neighbours from The University Village from University of California, Berkeley is the owner and founder of an amazing company called Boutique Academia.

What I love even more than that is she is inspiring women! She does a lot of jewelry pieces that are science inspired and have so much meaning to them. For example, her heart necklace, is literally a heart shaped necklace. The DNA earrings are literally the replica of the DNA sequences. I love this especially to inspire women and girls to be scientists.

I am so proud of her. I remember going to her apartment and her working on this on her porch and her showing it off. SO amazing to see the start of this business to where it is now... gives me hope in wanting to start something of mine own (been working on creative pieces, mostly crochet).

So I get to review one of her products today! The Fibonacci Necklace!

So I got the box-- I love love love the art work on the box. Very beautiful and perfect for gift giving. It is very well protected and ships fast!

Why should your science jewelry from her?
1. #1 is inspiration-- Inspire those women, girls, and everyone with these amazing science pieces.
2. She is local-- I know her as a person and her integrity is very high and she loves what she does.
3. Her prices are SO much better as well than her competition. For the same necklace that costs $70-120 dollars from some retailers with very close or identical for the necklace, she charges $24.99 (some are in the same range but most were more expensive).

Why do I like these pieces (objectively, of course):
1. Inspiring
2. Classy
3. It is not over powering
4. Not too big
5. Will for sure having your friends and family asking you about it.
6. If you just want to wear it to look cool or smart, can always work that way too. LOL.

Here is her definition for her Fibonacci Necklace:

"The Fibonacci sequence, also known as the golden rectangle, is the basis for some of nature's most amazing creations. Besides being useful for art, architecture, financial market analysis, and various data algorithms, it is also spectacularly beautiful. This exquisite, gold or silver-rhodium plated Fibonacci pendant measures 1" by 5/8" and is hung from your choice of a gold, silver or non-tarnishing steel chain. (Rhodium, by the way, is a non-tarnishing silver-colored precious metal.)
Perfect for:
  • Mathematicians
  • Scientists
  • Artists
  • Number lovers & nature lovers
  • ...actually, pretty much everyone"

Find out how she gives back off her orders too here!

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