Friday, December 11, 2015

The Von Trapps & Stephanie Block with National Symphony Orchestra + Giveaway

We got to go last night to go see The Von Trapps and Stephanie Block with National Symphony Orchestra yesterday.

It was awesome. (Don't forget to enter my giveaway in time for the holidays here! Or Scroll down!) 

This was the perfect way to ring in the holiday season. I missed seeing Dolly Parton's Coats of Many Colours but I am sure that will re air at some point. This was once in a life time.

My biggest complaint was the commute- It was 1.5 hours each way and guess what? Only a couple miles from us. And this was by bus. City living has it's ups and downs. Both exhibited here.

Apparently a lot of people came to hear Stephanie Block perform- and she was amazing, although I did not know of her beforehand. She has got an amazing voice and is full of spunk on the stage. She even sung the New York Times "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus" and substituted out for her daughter's name Vivian in the end.

I went to see The Von Trapps. Yes, you heard right. No, you or I did not have to time travel to hear them. These are the great grand kids of the famous Captain  Von Trapp. Yes, he was real. And even cooler? Yes, there is something cooler. Their grand dad actually played one of the Von Trapps boys in the movie "The Sound of Music".

The Sound of Music is not only a classic, it is just amazing!

These kids not only lived up to their legacy that they followed, they also made a name for themselves. By themselves, they are awesome and amazing. Their range and spirit when they sing transcend many things- and words aren't enough. It is soothing, wonderful, bliss. And you know, by their nature on stage, they are people like you and I.

They sang, of course, duh, "Edelweiss", which is famous from The Sound of Music.
They also sang songs that their grandfather taught them and have been passed down.

They sang, "A la na nita" as well.
They sang in French, German, Austrian, English and Spanish.
Each song beautiful and unique.

Even though we got back late, I am so happy I went.

You should too!
You can give take the kids. I had them go and they loved it.
They wrote today what they learned, what they saw, and what they thought.
Art + Music + Handwriting = hands on learning!

Who came besides The Von Trapps and Stephanie Block? Santa Claus comes, Joe Eisenberg reads "Twas the Night Before Christmas", you have the Washington Choir and the Orchestra. It is worth it!

I did not get paid to review or to promote The Kennedy Center, The Von Trapps, Stephanie Block, or NSO-- I wrote this because there is no better way to start the holiday season than that!

A) "It was pretty good. It is was like modernising the old. It turned old Christmas carols into amazing songs!" ~ 9 Year Old Son
B) "I think their voices take old things and make them amazing new songs. It is amazing how they sing. They are one of my favourite singers. I will love them forever. Santa was not real-- fake Santa. Stage looked amazing. It was the best time I ever had." ~ 8 Year Old Daughter
C) "New show... It looked fancy and it was like all singing." ~ 5 Year Old Son


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