Monday, February 22, 2016

10+ Ways to Creative Self Love

I have the honour to work with other bloggers in helping people to figure out how to do creative self love. It looks different for many different people!

With this Valentine's Day having been just about a week ago, it is vital to be able to not just learn to love others but love ourselves. If you think about it, many people are single, divorced, or separated during valentines. And the number is growing.

In and out of our lives people come and go. But you do not. It is not like you can wake up one morning and decide that you would like to walk out on yourself (though could make for a cool cartoon). You are stuck with you.

So why not remember to love you like you love your child? Some people honestly love themselves way too much and some don't love themselves at all! There are some great ideas for everyone here!

Regardless if you are married or not, you can have a great valentine's day or... radical idea...
ANY DAY OF SELF LOVE. Just switch it from about a dude or dudette to you!

First, and foremost, Creative Self Love looks different for each person.
If you don't see something here, comment and I will add it for you!

creative self love

Here are a couple of ways to do creative self love.

1. Buy yourself Girl Scout Cookies with a beautiful Valentine's Twist
I totally bought myself Samoa cookies from my daughter for myself for valentine's day and shared them with my kids. Of course, I paired them with a red wine.

2. See a beautiful documentary based on women like Many Beautiful Things

3. Do a simple 1 day detox. I like this because it is a way to say that your body is worth the attention of re-jumping your health. With the constant daily stresses of life, you can wear your body down to sickness! A lot of the times you don't see it coming so every once in a while take care of your body because it will need to take care of you the rest of your life!

4. Review if you have kept your new years resolutions. Why is this self love? Sometimes we get caught up in life that we forget the growth goals we have put forth in front of ourselves. Sometimes that means getting rid of resolutions that no longer suit the bigger goal. Or you want to add one or modify the current ones. That is okay!

5. Listen to a song and dance at midnight like this one empowering women to be able to love themselves. I love to listen to songs... a lot. I love my music. I listen to all sorts of music. I picked this song below by Hailee because a lot of the times we socially are okay with men "loving" themselves but it is less so with women. If you choose to do that, do it. If you don't and that is not your style, that is okay too! LOVING YOURSELF TAKES MANY FORMS! It could be I am going to love myself by sleeping more!

6. Get yourself a Toy (or two) to Please Yourself
NOTHING is wrong with this! The old me would not have posted this, but I have NO shame in posting it here now. Seriously, I am in my 30s and always felt dirty about it even saying they existed. Why? I have no clue! What better day to start though, right? Women need the same release as men and it can screw with your mind and make you very frustrated without knowing it. So if you need to, here is that permission.

7. Do a homemade coconut sugar scrub and declare it a spa time for you! Super cheap and affordable and makes you feel so good afterwards! If you don't have time to make one you can use herbal soaps like these to wash your body. The coconut sugar scrub is my favourite. It leaves you feeling so smooth and then you should paint your toe nails and pour yourself a glass of wine! Yes, even if you are not super girly! Maybe even turn on Sex in the City for yourself.

8.  Learn that there are things that you should stop doing and that is okay! WE ALL ARE GROWING SPIRITS! You will be able to learn that sometimes it is better to not care what people think as much as you want to care. And guess what? I have to even re read and re affirm with myself about these things all the time because it is a process!! I know that I will trip myself into a trap of thinking I have to care what others think of me more than me realising what my worth already is!

9. Read inspiring books like The Productivity Project that help you to learn that meditation every day is super important for your health. How is this self love? You focus more on what is important! Similar ideas are shared in Breaking Busy and Stress and Peace.  You learn that keeping busy and stressing yourself out are not conducive to your own well being! If you slow down down, your life can be more productive and that includes being happy and loving yourself!

10. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Know that. Don't believe when anyone tells you that you are fat-- I had a hard time dealing with that and I learned that I am beautiful because I am! I kept believing false words given to me and it just killed me inside. If I ingest those words than I am not loving myself. I don't care no more what others think in my beauty. Yes, I don't wear heels and dresses all the time-- maybe running after kids all day has something to do with that. But I won't be made to feel less than the beautiful woman I am. Neither should you!

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