Saturday, February 20, 2016

A Fun Way of How to Engage Your Cookie Booth Customers More

So today marked the first day of cookie booths for my girls. As a girl scout leader and cookie mom, I have to say I had three AMAZING mums! Fiona, Mayra, and Alicia who all served as points of contact (poc) for cookie booth so I can stay back to make sure that everything was running smoothly and I was there to give cookies, and get cookies left over from cookies booths. And one of the mums even took my daughter for ratio numbers so we can have a fun smooth booth! I don't think I ever really sat down and had a moment to myself! 

We sold 430 boxes on our first day! 
So proud! Incredibly proud.

Even prouder, they surprised me with their creativity. 

There is the boring stand behind the back of the table and not be engaged, the being engaged as a normal business practice, or getting very creative with what you have. 

Today, the two troop leader daughters got very creative. 

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Meleny, Via, and Selena decided they wanted to pull a Girl Scout cookie booth prank to see the reaction of the customers and honestly to have fun with it. I mean, if a bunch of boxes greet me with the cutest little brownie voice ever "Hello" and maybe started to come towards you, you couldn't resist buying girl scout cookies! 

                                            Here is the preparation! Mel is boxing Via up!

Via says hi to her first customer and someone does a double take...

Or another reaction could be backing up when the boxes try to move towards you... 

Or you could be told that you may be recycled!

Either way this is TOO CUTE NOT TO SHARE!

Feel free to share the love and to visit your local cookie booths to support what your local girl scouts are doing! You can find cookies near you using the Cookie Booth Locator by typing in your zip code or Apple Cookie Booth Locator App or Android Cookie Booth Locator App. Oh yes, my friends, there is an app for that!

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