Thursday, February 25, 2016

How to become an Insider on Printmaking

Printmaking started 3500 BC and becomes more popular over time. 

I got this book, Modern Printmaking by Sylvie Covey, and was surprised how big it was but when I opened it, I loved it. I am a sap for great looking and feeling covers. The title is appropriately printed or engraved into the hard cover. Love it. 

"Modern Printmaking is intended for all who want to discover and learn about contemporary print making and to improve their printmaking knowledge and skills. It encompasses both traditional and contemporary techniques and processes and it also presents profiles of thirty one contemporary print makers." Page 7. 

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Inside the book, which of course is more important (he he),  has 15 different types of modern print making and techniques. 

I have not come across another book like this that delves into each technique in a way that is more in depth and shows you how to do it yourself than with this book. Not only that, this is a very interesting read. 

That being said, if you are just looking for pictures, this is not that kind of book. Which I really like. It is like I am sitting down and taking a class. I can break up the techniques to learn them and give myself time to learn at my own pace. 

Another really cook thing I like about it is that I can EASILY use this for homeschooling elementary to high school. Of course, you would use different techniques with different ages. I am firm believer in getting hands on when it comes to art. You modify it for each level. 

Why is this perfect for homeschooling?

You can delve in to the history of each art technique, learning the steps and being able to comprehend instructions and executing them correctly. You can get your hands dirty, think outside the box, and create. 

As we know the times are changing and not everything is older fashion, as my kids remind me all the time, and things are becoming more digitally. Thanks kids, for making me feel old! However, I will forgive and teach you some awesome digital print making techniques that this book takes you through. 

If you also wanted a dummies version, you won't need one. This is super comprehensive with step by step instructions should be enough. You can continue to use this and it tells you what tools you need as well. 

Some of the modern printing techniques they go over: 
* Relief Printmaking 
* Woodblock printing
* Linoleum printing
* Intaglio printmaking
* Non Acid Intaglio Techniques
Acid Intaglio Techniques
* Collography
* Photo-Etching and Photogravure
* Printing Intaglio
* Lithography
* Serigraphy
* Chine-Colle
* Mixed Media
* Digital Transfers
* Post Digital Graphics

Within each of these different grouping are different techniques and styles that are gone over and taught. 

One you probably have done and not even know it from that list is serigraphy which is screen printing. My kids pulled out Alex's Screen Printing Kit and had a blast with it with their friend who was over. So when I say that you can do this with your kids, think outside the box. 

I have a feeling I will be reading this one and having many artistic endeavours in my future-- and I am excited about it! 

*I received this book in exchange for my honest review *

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