Tuesday, March 29, 2016

What does it mean to be Dinosaurs of Eden?

This is a book review from my eldest son who wanted to read this book.

So his review is typed up by him. What better way to teach him computer skills, reading, comprehension, writing skills, and more?

He picked out this book to read, not me. However, you will read a review from both of us!

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"The Dinosaurs of Eden" is a book that takes information from the Bible and uses that information to prove that dinosaurs lived with people and that Earth was made thousands of years ago instead of billions of years ago. It has great illustrations and it shows real dinosaurs and what their names mean, for example, Euoplocephalus means "well-protected head". The book has 64 pages and it uses Bible verses to prove it's theories that people really lived during the dinosaur age. I give the book 2 1/2 stars for detail, theory, and the "evidence". I think the book is great for dinosaur fantasy geeks and advanced readers.

It has some stuff I believe and some stuff I don't. I feel like this book was meant to be a book for people who likes fantasy and magic. I think that this fantasy book tried to make the theory a little too serious. They try to take verses from the Bible and try to use it as proof. Though it does have parts to say to repent to God and be truly sorry for their sins. Those are the parts I do believe and I think that this book is a mix between dinosaur fantasy and the Bible.


Now, the parent's review.

I like that it is hard cover and easy to read. Great pictures and has some good facts in it. Like how terms like dragons versus dinosaurs were coined. But I don't like that it basically discounts sound science. They claim that dinosaurs were a live just a few thousands of years ago. Can I say this 100% true or untrue? No. But science has proven otherwise. Just as we say that if there were a catastrophic event on Earth today it would deeply compromise our own human existence. So why could that not happen a long time ago to the dinosaurs?

Statements in the book like on page 48, "Evolutionists don't have any way to know what happened in the past. They weren't there...they don't dig up a history book"

Um, is that the way you are supporting your theories? That is not science, it is conjuncture first off. And now you are literally claiming the Bible to be a history book several times and that explains how dinosaurs were on this Earth. Not only that but that it is the only true and 100% accurate way to explain everything, including dinosaurs. That is simply not true.

You would not be able to even make the conjuncture of this theory without scientists and historians finding dinosaur bones in the first place! So goes the theory of the Bible being the only history book- because if that were the case, how did you not come out with this before historians and scientists came out with it?

Basically, to me it boils down to saying without saying, that if you believe science you don't believe in God, or if you believe in God you don't believe science. I think there is ways to have science support God and God support science. But this book did not do that in my opinion.

It gets 1 out of 5 stars from me.

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