Thursday, March 31, 2016

What does it mean to be Created and Called?

How many times have we wondered what we were supposed to do in life? What if we could easily take what were or feel we are called to do and just do it?

It was not until Chelsia's aunt asked her if she should work with old people that she considered it. After seeing her after her fall and losing her independence during this fall in which she was poorly taken care of in the hospital that the calling really set in for Chelsia. The calling to be a nurse.

She enjoyed being a nurse for the night shift and things began to change constantly for her. Her calling changed several times- from a nurse in the hospital working the night shift to being a family practitioner nurse to being someone who taught nursing.
I know this very well as I have two very important people in my life that I love and hold dearly as if I have known them my entire life (and did not exist in any other way) who are both nurses. Two very different personalities. Two who embody every part of the statement above that is defined as a nurse. I love you very much David and Patricia Eisenberg. You have helped to fill a void in my heart and help heal it not as a nurse but with those very qualities that you hold as a nurse. I know I am not the only one.

Their amazing journey and love of what they do, that is nursing, inspired many people including their eldest son to not only go into medicine and become a doctor, but to reach the far ends on the Earth to practise the medicine he was learning. He is a doctor and currently in Indonesia with his wife and two kids being a missionary. I have so much love and admiration for Joseph and Joyanna. I love and admire all of these people more than they may even know and proud to call them family! They are, as well, an inspiration and have followed their calling as well and will touch countless lives.

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This book is a cross being a biography as her life as a nurse and an inspiration to those around. Over come that fear of blood, know the science behind it and move forward in your calling. For in your calling is growth and opportunity.

You will learn between the different level of nurses, LPN (licensed Practical nurse) ADN (associate degree in nursing), BSN (bachelor of science in nursing), MSN (master of science in nursing). You will learn different terminologies, real life cases, and personal account from the nurse herself!

Why? Because she wants to encourage all of us to follow our path that we are called to.

It is a an easy read. Each chapter you can read very quickly and it has a prayer at the end of each chapter. If you are not a believer in God, or don't pray, just skip it but read the rest because it is good. I don't normally put books with religion or religious thought always as the top of my reading lists as blogger because I think of my readers as much as I do myself. This one I like because it does come from a place of encouragement not pushing you to believe the way she does (how I read it). I like the story and I think this is definitely one of my top reads!

We must all follow our calling as we were created to do-- whether or more over, regardless of your faith and set beliefs, we can do this because I do believe we are meant to be here for a reason and have a specific set of things set forth we are suppose to accomplish as individuals. We won't know that unless we try.

I give this 4.5 out of 5! A top read.

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