Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What is the Ultimate Gift?

We have the pleasure of reviewing The Ultimate Gift Movie from FishFlix.com.

We are sitting on an cold spring Sunday to watch this movie. Perfect way to be lazy. Well, not lazy at all actually because it takes a lot of work behind the scenes to do a review but also to get the kids to stay in one spot to do a movie review with me.

I was stoked to see this after seeing the trailer because it felt inspirational and right now I could use some inspiration. Really, we can all use inspiration all the time. With all the things going on in the world, we need all the inspiration we can get.

The movie starts with the forward so to speak from the author of the book that inspired the movie, Jim Stovall. Makes me want to even read the book he wrote too. I generally as a rule don't watch the movie without reading the book. Which is why I haven't watch all the Harry Potter series. I am glad I made the exception on this.

With the big names right of the bat, I have a sense this will be a good movie.

During the funeral, in the middle of it, the grandson comes in a beat up car disturbing the funeral and acting as if it were not a big deal. This was a head of a major corporation- and Red Stevens was the head of it.

When they go over the will, the eldest son gets nothing. The other family members get things that most would die for but everyone doesn't not appreciate. Then comes Jason. The co order- Hamilton

He has to go to Texas to pick up his first gift from his grandfather. But is it is a gift or a favour?
* He has to do manual labour in Texas.
* Then he has everything taken from him and has to gain a true friend.
He had a hard time finding someone to help him because they were all to take advantage of him.
He befriends a kid
* He has to use the money wisely to give away
* Have someone over for thanksgiving, invites the whole family over and now they think he is out to get everything for himself
* He has to travel to a third world country- Ecuador, where his grandfather helped a village start a library. He visits the crash site where his father died. He gets held for ransom and death. He runs for his life.
* He end up building a hospital in Emily's honour right as she is passing away.

The Ultimate Gift- was more than just the love he found, more than the 100 million dollars he put away for Emily's Place, and more than the 2 Billion he inherited, but what he learned about the gifts he received that transcend.

The Gifts:
* Of Work
* Money
* Friends
* Learning
* Problems
* Family
* Laughter
* Dreams
* Giving
* Gratitude
* A Day
* Love

I cried. This is a beautiful movie! If you don't learn something from this, watch it again! It is lesson that every person can take something from. For who? Young, Old, Children, Teenagers, Parents, CEOs... yes, everyone!

We all get caught in the daily needs that we forget the overall needs we have. To ourselves, to our families, to the community, to the world and if you believe, in spirit. We get caught up that we, even if we have been down and out, have had moments where we forget what is truly important.

What is important to you? What is TRULY important to you?

My kids reviews:
"It was great. Can we watch something else?"
"I liked all the parts of it."
"I think it is very emotional. I think it has content for older PG people."

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