Monday, May 30, 2016

Hidden Wisdom in a Confusing World from a Guy

Even though this book is written for guys, it looked like a good book to review.

I have taken those quizzes that ask you about your personality and choices to see if you are more feminine or masculine and I actually got more masculine. Explains why I am a Boy Scout Leader... okay, maybe not, but still. I am not all about pretty make up and dresses, even though I do own some.

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I was reading this book and found that the advise was actually quite helpful and straightforward.

+ It is an easy and fast read
+ Questions to Consider at the end of the chapters
+ You learn from his experience personally from looking at the people around him rather than ones in the book (isn't that ironic, though? Nice play, Kent, nice play).
+ Although written by a Christian, you don't read from that angle nor do you feel him trying to make you feel less than if you don't believe
+ Gives you non traditional challenges and advise that are far and few between this day in age

- Feel that some of the text is drawn out
- It is written as half an autobiography which is fun and helpful but misleading a little bit in the title

Funnies in the book:
"So, considering that what follows is highly embarrassing, if I asked you to simply skip ahead..., would you be kind enough to do so? I didn't think so. Thanks a lot, buddy." This just made me want to read on.

This is an example in the book of how he is really writing on off the cuff and from the heart and does so well. He uses his own words as if he were talking to you to convey his stories, advice, and challenges to you as the reader.

No matter who you are I highly recommend not only reading this, buying it for the guy in your life, but also to enter to win the title. You can even win it for someone else. 

* I received this book from FlyBy Promotions and City on a Hill press in exchange for my honest review* 


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