Monday, August 8, 2016

Who is the Real Scotty McCreery?

I have to be honest out of the gate...
I am not a country music fan.
Sure I like some country music but overall, I don't like it.
With age, it is changing a little but I still don't like it as much as I like other music genres.

Who is the Real Scotty McCreery?, Book Review, Zondervan Publishers, Scotty McCreery, American Idol, Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson, Singer, Artist, Autobiography, Via Bella

This was a nice eye opener though about Scotty McCreery. To me, on American Idol, he has musical depth to him and that deep voice but that is all I saw. I didn't think about this amazing understory to his life that lead him here. (But don't worry, I have a new likeness to you because you wrote this book so well!)

Apart of him, that isn't seen on television, is shown. There is an element of realness to him. And like in the review for Missy Franklin's book, it was innate gift that he was born with. Her it was swimming before she could really make full sentences. Him, it was having melodic tones down before his first birthday! I am seriously blown away by this. It makes me really want to pay more attention as a parent to my kids and the gifts they have and how I can nurture them.

I would go out every morning to sit with my coffee on the porch with this book-- part of having to do the review but also as me time before having to really start on my day. (That being said I will need to practice waking up more on time. Boo to summer going away.)

This is a book that I felt that I can relate to both as a parent and as an artist myself. He was able to really listen to the inner voice, he calls it God, you can call it whatever you want (I do believe in God, but maybe not the same way, struggling with that right now). When you listen to the inner voice, you are able to see more where your path is that you are headed. Scotty had no problem with this.

He is very talented and my older son would love him for his baseball skills! Seriously, Scotty, when can we have you and my older son meet up? He would love to learn a few things from you and like you, do many amazing things in his life. Though his doesn't have to do with music- science is his fancy.

I love the insight that he has towards the whole process of American Idol as well. How dirt ugly it can get and also how you feel like cattle.  How you can have the biggest nerves thinking that for sure you would not make it but low and behold, when you surrender to the higher self and God, your path is already paved for you. Call it fate, call it God, call it whatever you want. It really motivated Scotty in his rise to fame.

I highly suggest this book to everyone-- it is very deep but written lightly, multi faceted, and enlightening.

* I received this book in exchange for my honest review*
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