Saturday, September 3, 2016

Every Autumn Needs Beautiful Romance... 3 Love Stories

I wasn't totally sure what to expect when I picked this book to be honest.

But I figured autumn love stories... it's autumn, right?

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I have sat and read the September love story, "Love Takes the Cake" by Betsy St Amant.

The best way to describe it is like a cross between Runaway Bride (which features Julia Roberts and Richard Gere) and Gilmore Girls (we can't forget Lorelai and Luke, can we?).

The story is about a single mom who owns a bakery and the same man comes in every Tuesday at 540pm. She could tell time by when he came in to the store.

She ends up having to cater a wedding that he is the best man of. And not any wedding. But one where the bride is a bridezilla. She has to hold her tongue at insults.

She has to learn to face her past as if it were in her face right now. Are all men the same? Who is the Melissa he buys cookies for every week? How could he not be who he was in his past? How could that impact her relationship, if there were any, with him? Could she risk her heart tearing into two again and again?

Come find out what safe really is...

Come read this love story that seems like it could take place in Littletown, Anywhere USA.

It is an easy read that you can get done in a morning where you are either waiting for Hurricane Hermine to come or just needing some down time.

It is cute and reminds you of a scene out of Gilmore Girls, down to some personality traits of Lorelai in trying to keep love at bay with Lucas. Except this is Charlotte and Will. And their love story.

I can't wait to read the other two love stories- which I am very tempted to wait until October and November (as per their dates on the back of the book) to read. One for each autumn month.

Every autumn (or fall, take you pick on wording) deserves a beautiful love story--- or three.

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