Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Oodles of Doodle of Fairies is Very Fun

So this came in the mail....

And I may hold it hostage as a present for myself, I am not even going to lie.
(Shhh!!! Don't tell me! *wink wink*)

It was originally going to be something I got for my daughter and I. And we still will do it together, but seeing how cool this is reminds me why I need to get stuff for me. And I like this so it's going to be primarily mine, otherwise, as any mum nows, I won't see it... like, ever!

What are things I like about this book?

It shows you how to draw and design with little tips and bits for fairies and such. You can make your own fairy land! I love it!

In girl scouts, especially at Camp Tuckerman in the summer, we have small faeries that visit different camp sites and live furniture and pieces of houses and decoration behind when the girls build little fairies' houses for them. Needless to say, it is such a joy to watch the excitment on the girls' faces when they find out the fairies have visited them!

So this is such a cute idea and possible something I will take with me as a girl scout leader for Camp Tuckerman next year to be able to use to inspire the girls who are in 4th grade to be able to still build fairie houses and such.

I love the tips in this book.

It is well written. It is also nearly 160 pages.

It is nice that you can draw directly in the book. I would even say you can trace what they have done so you can learn better how to draw fairies' world.

It sparks creativity in not just us and brings out the inner kid but also sparks it in our children.

This is going to be, I think, something that is going to bond my daughter and I!

It shows you how to draw fairies, their features- what looks good to show a fairy in a good mood versus grumpy fairy (aka grumpy drwarf like Snow White).

It shows basic drawing skills which I love. It shows too how to draw their villages or houses.

It allows for you to draw what is your fairy or fairy world right in the book. I love this because sometimes I don't always have paper on me. Also, you can colour it too although I am not sure the book is intended for this.

Five out of Five stars!!!

*I received this book in exchange for my honest review*

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