Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sign Up to be an Awesome Scout of the Day!

I would be leaving out a part of my heart in my blog if I didn't have something for my scouts and all scouts. We are all a scouting family across the board! Whether you be cub scouts, venture scouts, girl scouts, sea scouts, or boy scouts. We all strive to learn amazing things and do amazing things.

This series is for YOU! Scouts, Parents, Leaders...

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I started this to show off what we are doing in the wonderful world of scouting. We have many dedicated leaders that work our scouting like a part time or full-time job and don't get paid for it. We do it because of the amazing things it teaches our kids.

If you are a scout leader, a scout parent, or a community member and want to nominate someone to be on the series for Scout of the Day to share what they have done,.. You are welcome to do so! Make sure that like with anything that you have the general permission to share but most all parents I am sure will be. And you get to have an easy way to share with family and friends what your scouts are doing.

Let's support each other and show the world all the amazing things in the world that scouts are doing. Yep, you read that right. The world. Scouting is a worldwide thing for a reason! The skills it teaches are unparallel anywhere else. What they do for the community is amazing as well.

I am proud to be a scout leader and watch my nieces (girl scouts) and nephews (cub and boy scouts) grow. I personally lead a boy scout den (soon to be in the troop) of almost 20 boys and as well a large girl scout troop of 45 girls of all ages. I am also now an assistant Cubmaster as well for Pack 33.

Right here, I will be your cheerleader in what your scouts are doing. I will share with the world the amazing things you are doing!

Even though the series has just begun, here are some examples of what posts have looked like:
Cub Scouts & Girl Scouts Clean Up Sligo Creek Together
Local Scouts Helping the Silver Spring, MD Fire Victims {Scout of the Day}
Awesome Girl Scouts Learn How to Patent That!
Scout Spotlight of the Day: Daniel's Duty to God
~~Scouts Learn How to Do Important CPR~~ Will You?

So sign up!

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