Tuesday, October 18, 2016

What to Pack for Camping in the Fall

During the fall season, what you receive in terms of weather can vary so much.
So in planning your camp out, check your weather, daily!
Weather changes every day so making sure even the day before quickly that you are prepared will make your trip much more manageable.

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Here is the deal:

Camping is a blast! It creates memories! You want it to be the right ones. Not being fully prepared can cost the experience and wanting to camp again. Now, mostly, people will dig it and want to go back. But you want to make the experience as awesome as possible!

So, while you may not need everything on the list, be prepared as best as you can be!

What you need!
* A daily set of clothes (even if you don't plan to wear them)
* A extra set of clothes
* Long johns (if cold)
* Jacket (if super cold, a thick one)
* Hats and gloves (even if it is 70 during the day, it can get cold at night)
* Sleeping bag
* Pillow, if you want one
* Tooth brush and tooth paste
* Hair brush
* Cell phone
* Flash light
* Extra batteries
* Extra book or activity in case
* Tent (if you aren't already sharing one)
* Mess kit (reuseable plate, bowl, utensils, cup)
* Closed Toe Shoes  (bringing sandels is fine but full on shoes are more necessary)
* Bandana
* Sunscreen
* Bug Spray
* Bathing Hygiene items if needed
* If a girl, feminine products if needed
* Gas money (esp if carpooling or long distance)
* Water bottle
* Extra blanket if you can (for say, outside in the evening)
* Directions

If you are in a scout troop here are what you need:
* Health forms updated (done yearly)
* Medications (given to leader if you aren't going)
* Snacks to contribute to the groups meals
* Snacks to share
* Share of Cost for main meals or what is asked of you
* Share of materials that you would normally have to bring like hatchet, cooler, camping stove, french press, etc.
* An RSVP (don't show up without letting them know you are coming!)

So, with that in mind, be prepared, let me know if I let something out here, and go have yourself a blast camping!

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