Friday, November 25, 2016

Finding Father Christmas in England (Win It)

I woke up sick on Thanksgiving... oh my! So I really need a good book to cuddle to...

So I am reading Finding Father Christmas by Robin Jones Gunn.

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Who has time for Black Friday shopping when there is a good book to cuddle with?

So this book is an easy read.Well written. Reading from cover to cover is easy to do.

It is about a gypsy child named Miranda who traveled with her mum who was an actress. All over the country she traveled. She slept in hotels, lived on dreams.  Her mum had ways with words and lied about no father to Miranda. So she vowed to never visit a play after she found out her mother's lies. She found a picture of someone, whom she can only assume is Jay, her father. So as an adult, she is on a mission to find that little boy wearing green who sat on Santa's lap. She is determined to find the other half of her.

When she gets to England, bound to find her father she never knew, or really, learn anything about him she could, she did not expect what she was about to get. She enters a Tea Cosy shop and the rest is history. It is as if fate has laid everything out in perfect timing challenging Miranda as far as her comfort zones could carry her when she has to accept not knowing what lie ahead of her and what is about to be the most life changing 48 hours of her life and the lives of those she never even knew to begin with.

While the story starts off slow, it wraps you in quickly. I don't know whether it was the similarity I share with Miranda in finding lost family or if it was just that well written but it had me fully present in reading. I didn't put the book down much at all. It was both, let's be honest. I don't remember the last time I sat and read a full book cover to cover in one day. This was one of them. Usually I read books over a couple of days. But not this.

With turkey in my belly and wanting to move onto the next holiday, that being Christmas, this was a perfect book to transition into the new season. Not some black Friday shopping... no. Curled up with a good book while I get over a cold. That is the way.

Definitely Hallmark Movie worthy.

It isn't a story of romance. No.

It's a story of finding oneself and their place in the world, within their true family, and within the holiday season spirit and what it is truly meant to be.

Although, after reading this, and finally reading the back of the book, I know this is a trilogy and I am only reading part one of several books!

I am giving away not just this book but all three in Gunn's series:
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Engaging Father Christmas
Kissing Father Christmas

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