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Why Black Friday is Quickly Darkening Your Holiday Spirit

Yes, the title says it all.

You are browsing the store sites and the store ads to find the best Black Friday deals.

If you are like me, you know many things about Black Friday (that isn't limited to these ten below)...
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Holidays are becoming more about greed... then about Holiday spirit and love.

Even my daughter is behind me saying it's about holiday cheer and having fun with family! From the mouths of babes.

There is nothing wrong with shopping or getting presents or being part of the season. It really is at the heart of it how it is approached by each and every one of us. Shopping on Black Friday isn't as much of an issue as the spirit in which it has been done and what it is becoming.

1) Not all the best deals come on Black Friday

Anyone who actually shops to save money knows this. There are some good sales on Black Friday, I won't lie. But it still isn't worth it to ruin Thanksgiving. Seriously. It is a ploy to get you to spend big bucks on Thanksgiving, Black Friday, next week on the big deal, and the week before Christmas because in all seriousness you forgot half the stuff on the wish lists. *facepalm* When will we realise this only benefits business?

2) It's not a holiday, so please (puh-lease) stop treating it like one

In recent years, I feel like people treat Black Friday as if it were a sacred national holiday. Now, saving money should be a National holiday.... just kidding. But for real. Black Friday has been severely tainted. It isn't about getting into the spirit of the season. That is the sheep pulling the wool over your eyes. It is PURELY ABOUT CONSUMERISM.

3) Black Friday has become Black Thanksgiving

And while you are at it, why don't you burn the dang turkey and serve it to the dogs? Seriously. Black Friday is no longer on Friday. It's on Thanksgiving before the turkey is done. It seriously is a damn shame. People slaving in the kitchen for an amazing dinner that people travel for only for people to eat like they haven't eaten in years so they can get their shopping on. Shopping isn't bad, but when you expense it at the cost of the kids and the family, what are you teaching the next generation about family?

And what are the bets your family and your children appreciate what you are doing? I know this sometimes more than I would like to admit.

The shopping deals have gotten more and more intrusive on the Thanksgiving as well. Wal Mart started having deals at 5pm... like, seriously?!


4) When you shop on Thanksgiving for Black Friday, you are taking that Holiday away from someone else

You may not want to think you are contributing to this, but you are. You are, you are!!

By the very fact that you are shopping on Black Friday alone for things that aren't necessary like diapers, wipes, food, etc means that someone else has to miss time with their families to serve you. Your greed- that is what they are serving. Now, someone who doesn't have a family to go to won't care and will help them. I get that. But many people don't have that.

Put yourself in their shoes... then decide.

Are you so motivated by consumerism that it overrides their needs?

Now, when I was in college sitting in my dorm on Thanksgiving by myself with the whole hall gone, I would have gladly worked in a store to get my mind off the fact that I didn't have holidays to spend with others (true story).

But it takes on a new tune when people aren't motivated to get in the mood and spirit of the season and just get the few things they want the deal for. They are motivated by greed. I can't blame them because that is what consumerism has taught them... Time to unlock the chains and being a held prisoner to consumerism.

Again, getting in the spirit and getting a few things is different than what I have seen manifested in the last few years...

5) You Forgot How to be Thankful on Thanksgiving


How can we say that we are thankful for what we have and then turn around and trample people and fight over the last American doll because that is what our daughter wants? Is that true in the spirit of being Thankful? We both know it isn't.

What do we teach our kids when we peace out after dinner because getting the best deal is more important than spending time with them?


6) Big Businesses Don't Care About Anything Else But Money

This should be a 'duh' but just putting this out there so you realise that at the end of the day, almost all big businesses care about their bottom line more than anything! I know that we may know this intellectually but I have seen people get emotionally attached to Black Friday.

7) You Shaft Small Businesses

Think outside the box and support small businesses. In a day and age where everyone complains about how the wages haven't changed, the quality of the things they buy is crap, whatever it may be, we don't realise that many people are waiting to offer services that are far more valuable right here in your community. Someone crochets. Someone does holiday pictures. Someone babysits. Someone makes wooden toys. This doesn't mean everything has to be from a small business but consider a small portion at least, to be from small business.

8) You Really Aren't Getting the Best Deal

I have done Black Friday for a doll my daughter really wanted before. NOT on Thanksgiving. On Black Friday. And I can say, that while there are some good deals on Black Friday, it was a pain and I was waiting in line as if there was no tomorrow. For a doll!

But think about most of the stuff you get on Black Friday. Some of it is a good deal.

All I ask is to think before you buy things on impulse.
A) are you really going to use it?
B) Is it going to end up in the dump?
C) Am I buying too much realistically?
D) Am I ruining my holidays by doing this or the holidays of those around me by what I am doing?

9) The Name is Offensive- Maybe? 

What the heck is that suppose to mean anyway?! Why not, Shopping Friday, or Turkey Friday? Somehow, the name has always been off to me. I think in a day in age where we want to be conscious of the words we are using, it's a poor use of words. I am not an easily offended person but I never understood the name.

Maybe we get blinded by greed in the dark (blackness) of the night?

Nice name, nice meaning-- don't you think? (again sarcasm here)

10) Change Your Spirit For the Season

America, wise up please, set an example for the world. Make Thanksgiving the holiday it was meant for. You can wait a few hours to shop. Really. You won't die, I promise.

We are trampling people and even killing people (rare but it has happened) to get a deal? Where has the meaning to the Holidays gone?

Get into the spirit of the holiday season! The real spirit of it.

Get a latte and go through and pick out things with loved ones or if you are a mama, consider it time to yourself and do it without stress on Black Friday... NOT Thanksgiving! Heck, go with a mama friend so it is with someone else.

Keep Thanksgiving sacred as it is for American Family time and re-examine the motives for why you are doing Black Friday shopping. REST! Mamas, we need rest. So don't push yourself to crazy mode to do this.

And Thanksgiving this year was hard...

Water Protectors in North Dakota are trying to defend their land and keep it oil free. I would feel off for not mentioning the mad respect I have for them and that I stand with them in spirit. We need to be allies to them and allies to the planet we live on!

But also for me, Thanksgiving was already hard because of my separation. 


In all of it, no matter where you are at, we must all be Thankful for what we have. (Not just on Thanksgiving but every day of the year).

My kids and I ended Thanksgiving by watching the 1964 version of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. So, the Christmas spirit is strong in this house... but we do wait to put up the tree until Black Friday or the day after Thanksgiving. If I do any shopping, it will be later today or this weekend and likely online.

And it's okay to shop and have a big Christmas. Just do so with the right heart and all is well...

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