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Scouting For Food: What It Is and How to Participate

Hello Communities, Scouts and Scouting Families,

Are you ready to participate in the annual Scouting for Food drive?! 

Last year Pack 33 (with contributions from Troop 5823) collected a record level of food to help those in need in our community. As in over a ton, literally, of food! I am very proud of my boys and girls! We’re hoping you will help us do that (and beat it) again this year! (And yes, you earn a patch) 

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Key Points for donators! 

Why is this important to our scouts?

The reason the scouts do this is to help those in our communities who are less fortunate. It doesn't matter if you are from San Diego, California; Houston, Texas; Nashville, Tennessee; Albany, New York; or Washington D.C. There are people who are struggling to feed themselves and their families everyday! In the midst of the season, where we turn from fall to winter, it is all the more important that we stress this kindness to our youth today. To help others. To give a helping hand. 

That is why I write this post. Because this helps everyone! You never know when you may end up in the spot! 

So please help teach our youth how they and the community can help those less fortunate. 

What can you donate??

Great question! As long as the item remains unopened, you are welcome to donate most anything as long as it is a long lasting item (non perishable). 

* Non perishable food. Yes, even that can of beets grandma gave you that you will never touch.
* Diapers and Wipes.
* Hygiene Items: Tooth brushes, tooth paste, deodorant, mouth wash, etc
* Female Hygiene Items: Pads, tampons, make up, etc 
* Snacks
* Canned Goods
* Proteins- peanut butter, beans, canned meat
* Pasta
* Teas, Juice, etc 
* Candy

Anything helps! Remember, they go through it at the center, so if you have questions, go ahead and donate it and trust that they center where the food is donated (in our case, Capital Area Food Bank) 

Key Points (esp for seasoned scouts)

1) Get Scouting For Food Bags from your den leader (or use any bags)
2) Personalise the SFF handout (attached) and attach a copy to each bag. There is one for boy scouts and one for girl scouts (since we have sisters who may want to help). Just scroll all the way down to get the attachments. 
3) Give a bag to your neighbour (let them they can donate more) on or before the first Saturday in November. 
4) Pick up the bags on or before the second Saturday of November (for my girls, at fall bridging) and bring to your drop off location (contact your leader). 
5) Get creative with how you get your food/items (see below). 
6) Contact your leader with any questions, concerns, etc. 

FLIERS! These can be used by ANY scout worldwide! 

(Print and write in the details such as your pack or troop number.) 

Full Details:


The Scouting for Food Drive is a nation-wide effort where scouts all over America ask neighbors to donate non-perishable food and goods to help feed the less fortunate in our communities. People can donate not just non perishable food but also diapers, and hygiene items (that are sealed). 
This email has all the information you need to participate.  All you need to do is:

1. The Next Two Weeks:

A)  Get 25 Scouting for Food bags (or however many you want to distribute) from your Den Leader. If you have issues getting them, you can use any bags! 
B) Add your scout’s name to the attached door hanger and print out as many copies as you need to leave one with each bag.

2.  On or before the First Saturday of November 
(2016-- 5th Nov)

A) Distribute Scouting for Food bag and copy of the message to neighbors letting them know you and your scout will be back to pick up donations the following Saturday around 9 am.
B) A personal touch goes a long way here – See some additional tips below….

3.  On the 2nd Saturday morning of November  
(2016-- 12th Nov-- My girls, you have until 16th Nov) 

A) go back to where you left bags and pick up 
B) Bring donations to the designated location determined by your pack or troop for drop off. 
For Pack 33; Takoma Park Middle School  parking  lot between 10am-12:30pm. We will transport all donations to  the food bank collection site. Volunteers are welcome to help us transport the food.
For Girl Scout Troop 5823: Drop off to your leader's house or bring to the bridging ceremony on the 16th. 
For ALL scouts: Contact your local den or troop leader to find out! 

4.  Get Creative 

There are many creative ideas to help you and you I am sure can find a few more. These are ones I have known scouts to use.
a) you can go around during trick or treating
b) email list serves around you and pick up that way too
c) knock door to door with an adult
d) see if your school wants to join in
e) ask family, friends, people at church or work
f)  Check your own cupboards and closets

Here are some additional tips from previous years:

 A personal touch goes a long way toward making the drive more successful. 
* You can go door to door, do it at work or church, facebook, drive to pick up or even put a box on the porch that people can drop off as they are able. I find a mixture of all these works the best personally. 
Scouts have had best results when they knock on peoples' doors and get a commitment that the household will participate.
* Wear your scout uniform when distributing bags and talking to neighbors – it helps validate both your Pack or Troop and the overall Scouting for Food drive. 
* Attach the note to the bag – and distribute to as many neighbors as you can.
* Spread the word to friends and neighbors – if you have a neighborhood list serve perhaps post a notice about the Scouting for Food drive.  You can also use this to remind neighbors to put out their donations for pickup!

Please contact your leader if have any questions, issues or need more information.
All Scouts who participate will receive a special Scouting for Food patch - and this action contributes to community service achievements at all levels!  
Thank you for participating in Scouting for Food! 

Yours in scouting,
Via Bella
Cub Scout Pack 33 Leader
Girl Scout Troop 5823 Leader

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