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Darrell Issa's Watchdog-- Is Two Faced?!

"Congress is an esteemed and magnificent institution, but also at times like a fraternity you never intended to rush." (page 7) Well, doesn't this beg the question of what goes on there! Ha.

We just went and undertook a very different shift in political power in this country. To better understand some of it, it is good to read books from both sides. Especially one that is about to take control of my government.

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Darrell Issa's Watchdog goes through one of the biggest scandals in history but he clearly thinks there should be more done. Especially to that of the executive branch of the government-- the presidency.

In my honest opinion, this book is well written but very skewed in the favour of the Republicans. Not very bipartisan at all. An example? He called out democratic members of both senate and house for their wrong doings. Which even if right to do, needs to be even in nature and it clearly is not. But we all know nobody is perfect.

According to my grandfather, he had a sprinkler system and burned down his business just to collect the insurance. How lame is that? If that is the case, he is completely calling the kettle black. Not okay at all.

Also my grandfather has issues with his integrity that he calls of others to have (which I can agree with based on the little I know about him) but even more so what bugs him is that to my grandfather says he is one of the most shady, self serving, arrogant, and corrupt politicians today. Whether that is true, I can't attest to as I haven't done enough fully rounded research on. I can only go on what I am reading.

"If our president is to be a respected and effective commander in chief at home and first ambassador to a troubled world, even if he sometimes makes mistakes the office must truly be seated with great powers but those powers cannot and should not be unchecked. " (page 9)... "Our government desperately needs more and more aggressive oversight if we are to protect the American people from a bureaucracy with too much power and little accountability" (page 13) I have a feeling this is a very one sided kind of power and oversight that he wants in place. However, if truly balanced, and respected on all sides can be a good thing. But we all know the implementation is never carried out as planned. It is heavily skewed in one direction.

Now, this book was written with him as Republican and the President of the United States (POTUS) as  a democrat. Would his findings and ideals of what the government should look like be the same and held to the same accountability? I find it hard to believe it would be. It is in self interest to not hold the same standards for ones own party that you would hold for the opposite.

Good thing I am in the middle. I know definitely where I lean.

However, Issa, is far off the grid. He thinks the Environmental Protection Agency shouldn't be in place. In this day and age, this really is a dumbfounded idea. You don't want it in a day in age where we have storms becoming more often and likely to that of Super storm Sandy and we are trying to protect the planet in which is live? How is this logical to say you care about the American people on one stance and then in the next stance you don't want to protect the Earth that you are handing down for generations.

And he is not for bipartisanship-- his words not mine-- like you are a seriously cranky old man who just wants nothing but his way. Or the spoiled toddler in a candy store who got the Snickers but not the Mars bar so you are doing anything and everything to get all the candy in the store. I bet it is a one way goal of taking down the other side, that being the democratic side, so the Republicans rule this land forever and ever. But that is not how this country was founded and I really feel you representing California is a joke. Even though I live in Washington DC now, I was a native Californian. This kind of thinking is against everything that I feel California is and stands for.

This book, I won't deny is written well.

 Where he makes good points he in turn makes horrible self and party centric statements that do not represent the United States of America citizens. That is a shame.

You, or he in this instance, can't not claim to have the best interest of all Americans at heart and in the same breath say things that undermine only those that disagree with him or those that will be severely impacted by the decisions that he and his party make.

This is another prime example of a politician who has lost there way as if in Alice in Wonderland where they haven't found their true way home and are lost in ideals, scandals, and money.  Really, he needs to refocus on what this country is about and stands for.

True representation is where you can place yourself in the shoes of everyone. Be able to see it from every one's perspective and trust that those that can should be the ones guiding. He doesn't seem to totally understand this.

While he is making some very great points, he needs to point the finger as well or be willing to at his own party with the same intensity as those of the opposite party. This book isn't even in those respects at all so it is losing a lot of my respect for him.

When reading, he didn't grow up wealthy like a lot of Americans did and worked hard for what he got and such. I have a great amount of respect for that. in fact, I have a huge amount of respect for those who work hard for what they earn. I think that he is a good person and really believes he is doing well. And I think some of ideals of accountability aren't off, but they are coming from skewed ideals and executed with execution of a certain political party in mind. If he can try to stop being pleasing to one group of people, he may actually find that he can be a balance that congress needs.

Just with anything, it is not just in what you say, it is how to you say it!

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