Saturday, December 3, 2016

Kissing Father Christmas (Win It)

Finally full circle on the reviews for the trilogy Father Christmas series from Robin Jones Gunn!

The trilogy in review! 

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Anna's first visit to Carlton Heath in England was last May for the wedding of her cousin Ian to Miranda. The beautiful event ended with a dance under the stars and Anna receiving an unexpected kiss from Peter, the groomsman who caught her eye and now hold hers heart.

Now, at the the invitation of family and friends, Anna is returning to Carlton Heath for Christmas. She has Peter's recent email to fill her with assurance that he's looking forward to seeing her again as well.

More than his brief words, though, the vivid memory of their unforgettable kiss provides a promises of more to come. Anna, ever the imaginative artist, has been busy painting a romantic conclusion to her holiday visit. Certainly she's not eh only one who has been dreaming of another dance and another kiss.

But when she sees Peter again, his intentions teem to shift as speedily as the blustery winter weather. Is Anna's heart misleading her or will Father Christmas bestow on her the gift of love for which she has long dreamt?

After reading Kissing Christmas, a book I thought I would like the least, ended me in tears because I identified with Peter who shouldered so much responsibility and realised that I was like him and was shouldering so much I wasn't allowing myself grace or loving myself the way I should.

It took a while to get into this book because it is about Anna and not Miranda. You got attached to Miranda in the first two. But you warm up. It just takes longer. I love the ending and how this one for me was self reflective which is what I least expected. I guess I have to give myself a little more grace and accepting myself where I am at like Peter?

You will love the trilogy and you need to enter!

* I received this book in exchange for my honest review* 


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