Wednesday, January 25, 2017

PinchMe January 2017 Sample Box

PinchMe is a sample company that I found out about quite ways ago. This time, I got a few goodies to try out. It's a great way to start the new year off right too.

They don't always give the most expensive things to review, but it is still nice to receive something. And it is mail that isn't a bill, which is a double win! 

I mean, who doesn't like to get goodies in the mail?

Here is what I got this month which total was a $45 value:

1) Shutterfly Photo Book { Value $30 } 

Yes, they give these away sometimes, but honestly, I like not having to beat the crowd, so to speak, to try to get this deal. Sometimes, when it's a general offer to the whole public, the site will actually crash making hours of work not worth it because you can't place the order. 

2) Hydralyte { Value $10 }

This is the 20 tablets for the Effervescent Electrolyte Tablets. What is nice about these is that as a troop leader, I can take these with me on the go to be able to make sure everyone is hydrated on the hike, camping trip, outing, whatever it may be. I feel that we can forget electrolytes as a staple of a first aid kit, but they can be one of the most needed things in a first aid kit. 

3) Barilla Pesto Sauce { Value $4}

I love and dig pesto sauce like it's not my business. Seriously. I could eat the stuff for every pasta meal. That and marina sauce (sometimes with meat) are my favourite pasta sauces in the world. I will definitely be using this coupon!

4) Olay Ultra Moisture Shea Butter Body Wash (3 oz) Value is likely $1 

This is great because I can take on the plane with me when I travel. Better yet for me though, is using it when I go camping. It is such a great way to get perfect sample sizes to take with me on camping trips. I don't normally buy Olay, because of the price, but I am not definitely opposed to it. I love shea butter too.

I hope you get to try some out soon as well! They are fun to try! 

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