Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Face to Face: How Mentoring Can Change Your Life

In a fast paced culture, where and when does mentoring fit in? Can you be mentored even when you are older? What does mentoring look like?


This book was something that drew me in because I have had mentoring in my life that if I had not, I would have taken a much different direction in my life. That is the simple plain truth!

What's so important is being able to receive and give back as well. It is a game of both in life.

One reason I picked this book was so that I would have more insight into moving forward I guess in my life and my chosen fields. Or more the fields that have chosen me. I am hoping that I can surround myself by a lot of supportive people because frankly we all need those people in our lives. I know I do.  

This book in broken down into five different sections:


Section One: The Adventuring of Mentoring
1. Invitation to a Journey
2. The Influence of a Mentor
3. Messy Faith

Section Two: Connecting with a Mentor
1. Living on Purpose: How to find a Mentor
2. The Courage to Step out
3. Popping the Question with Confidence

Section Three: Growing Together
1. I have a Mentor... now what?
2. Navigating Conflict
3. Balance in a Crazy World

Section Four: Living Authentically
1. Moving Forward
2. In Search of Romeo
3. Getting Unstuck

Section: Pass it On

I love that she says a mentor is a friend. Someone who can guide you further than where you currently are. Not a person you employ. Not a person who is only a teacher. A mentor is someone who walks the walk with you in every step of your imperfections.

As I am reading this, I am finding myself nodding my head going, "I can completely relate to these things she is saying."

This book is an easy read which I definitely can appreciate.

For chapter two, I was reading about how important it is to have a mentor that is Godly to be able to help steer you in that way. I felt that I jumped a few times because, even for me, someone who has ADHD, it jumped and squeezed together scripture as an idea rather than sometimes the support.

As I kept reading, it did well in terms of being an easy read with some good advise. I found some of the advise sound and well thought out. I felt that some of it was not as interesting. Not that it wasn't good but it was common sense kinds of things. If I am really looking for a mentor and feeling like I am scrambling for ideas or wondering what to do, I can think about reading this book with ease that I will find what I am looking for.

The reason for my giving four instead of five "suns" or "stars" is because it was focused on women finding women mentors and those of same religious beliefs. I think and feel very strongly that mentors can come from anywhere. Even though I think the author would concur with this idea, the way the book is written, it doesn't feel like this is the case at all.

I think this is a good book for those that are seeking out and need advise.

Book Description:
An indispensable resource on what everyone needs: a mentor

Whether you have a mentor, can’t seem to find one, or haven’t even thought to look, Jayme Hull walks you through every aspect of this critical relationship, including:

Its purpose, value, and benefits
Marks of a healthy mentoring relationship
Initiating, navigating, and even ending a mentorship
Becoming a mentor to others
Packed with stories and anecdotes from Jayme’s experience as both a mentor and mentee—plus sprinklings of wisdom on balance, purpose, and change—Face to Face speaks to the heart of young Christian women eager to grow. In her warm, personable style, Jayme offers expert advice on how to journey well with someone further along.

I give this book ☀☀☀☀ out of 5.

* I received this book in exchange for my honest review *

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