Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Unseen Companion

Sometimes, no matter how to try to fix something that is broken, not only is it not fixed it is earth shattering to everything around you. This is how relationships are. Mine... well... let's say that I started a separation series for a reason.

Single motherhood is such a tricky terminology because how it is defined really depends on who you ask. However, being separated, divorced, widowed, whatever the case may be, you are still on your own in terms of parenting in many ways. When your children are asked, no matter how sugar coated it may be, you are still not together.

That is why I was really interested in this book.

There are parts that really have spoken to me:

"I presumed that God shared the same view on single mothers that the world did, especially those by divorce. ' You got yourself into this, get yourself out.'... The world told me I was a burden to societyand as a result, I felt hesitant to ask anything of God" (page 32).

Yes, there are so so many times, including now that I have felt this way. The question that if something is bigger than us and so divined, why would he or she put me through this? That, in my opinion, is a very legitimate concern.

Even with as biblical references as it has, which can make me feel like I am not there yet, because like the book said, it does leave you feeling, "What about me? Why am I alone?" It still hits home for me.

Tears started to well up as some of the things I have been feeling, she has put into words. And for that alone, that is a gift. One that allows someone, the single mum, to realise what is going on inside her. And that she is not alone in this feeling which is far more important.

This isn't a fix it book. It's "I understand and am with you" book. Sure, it gives you ideas and sound pieces of advise but it is more hearing you through the writing. That is a powerful concept.

I don't give it the last star because it felt overly biblical to me at some points for someone who seems to understand the dilemma and correlation between faith faltering and motherhood. Not saying it shouldn't have been there, but at points of it, it came on a bit strong for me.

Otherwise, very powerful and I think mums should read and know they aren't alone!

Book Description:

Single moms, you are not alone.

You may feel lonely, abandoned, overwhelmed, and ill-equipped in your life as a single mother, but you are not alone on this journey. God is WITH you, and if you are willing, He will help you build a strong home and legacy for your family.

As a former single mother, Michelle Lynn Senters understands you could use a little soul nourishment. In the Unseen Companion, she explores the ten needs every single mother has and asks, “God, where are you in this?”

Avoiding clichés and hurtful platitudes, Michelle offers true hope from God’s Word. Her reflections, seasoned with personal experience, will help you:

Trust that God sees your needs and can satisfy them

Develop a vibrant relationship with God’s Word
Avoid temptation and counterfeit solutions

Strengthen your resolve and confidence to raise children of faith
Read The Unseen Companion and receive the encouragement your heart longs to hear: “You can do this, God is with you, and He will lead your family in strength and love.”

Includes questions at the end of each chapter for reflection, journaling, or group discussion.

Via Bella gives this book ☁☁☁☁ of five.

*I received this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for my honest review *

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