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Speedy Prep Your Way to the CLEP Exam

I have received six months of access to SpeedyPrep services to review which includes access to all of their CLEP courses.  There are courses in social sciences, math, English, business, science, and Spanish.  You can find out more about them here. 

If you don't know what CLEP is, I will tell you. 

If you have students, or you yourself, are heading to college, you can test out of certain semester's worth of classes. It can be in a whole variety of subjects. Such as Spanish, English, Business, Science, Math, History, Social Studies and more. The idea is that you can jump start your college career.

If you have a homeschooling child, they may have already started taking community college credits for advancing in their schooling. The nice thing about this product is that you can use it before you start prepping for college if your student can test out of the subjects early. This gives them the ability to being able to move forward with credits towards college. Some community college courses will roll over and some will not. If you have ever transferred from a community college to a university, you know this well. 

The beauty of it is that the price of the test is by far cheaper than any class and credits you would have to pay for in college. So it is worth the time to do this because in a day and time when college is at a premium cost, you have to be smart about how you chart that journey for your child. This is a great last thing you can do for them so they don't have to sit through the 101 courses that they may already know and they can jump to the courses that they actually need to study.

This product is for everyone!

I am excited to be able to use this as an adult and teacher who needs to up their skills in school. If you meet a teacher who thinks they don't need to do ECE (continuing education) then they are doing themselves and their students a huge dis-service. So, I am glad to be able to test my skills at the very least to be able to know what to teach me kids. But also, to challenge myself as a person to try to remember what I learned all those years ago. 

All the subjects are fascinating, so I ended up dabbling in a lot of different subjects testing this product out. 

Not even going to lie-- I need a huge brush up on my subjects before I got to doing this. But once I got going, it was actually fun. Like a quiz to try to get the right answer. Like Jeopardy. Who doesn't like Jeopardy? 

My kids were behind me and unbeknownst to me, my eldest child, 5th grader, was answering some questions correctly that I was having a hard time with. Total proof of a mum win right there! Though, he has quite a few years to go before he has to answer any of these questions correctly!

As you can see on here, this question about the Bill of Rights (Which was under American Government then under the Constitution) was super easy. But not all of them were. Some were not as easy.... 

Like this one:

ArticleVI(six)of the Constitution, the Clause, describes the hierarchy of laws in the U.S. with the Constitution being the “supreme law of the land," with all federal laws taking precedence over state laws.

Which by the way, just for fun, I answered Santa (Clause). It didn't like that answer. Ha ha. For real though, it was Supremacy. 

I really, really, like this prep course product.

You can brush up on things you forgot just for fun in the morning with your coffee if you like to test your knowledge or you can do so much more. You can test out of subjects if you are just going into college.

When I was using this product, I found this about it:

* Super Easy
* Fun
* Gave explanations to answers so you knew more about it
* Laid out super well and very intuitive to use
* Times you so you can try to beat your time next time
* You can re take subjects if you want
* Allows you to easily report problems with questions
* I didn't like that it didn't recongise "11th" and I had to spell out "eleventh"
* You can pause and come back to a subject
* You aren't inundated with questions for each subject- so it doesn't feel like school
* The support team reaches out to you several times while you are using it to check in with you

All in all, this is one of my favourite products to review and use this year. The ease of use and the challenge is something you can do together with your student and you learn as well.

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