Thursday, April 13, 2017

Surviving Death: Evidence of the Afterlife

It's ironic that after I ball my eyes out, which I haven't done in a while over any old story, to this story of Nolan who is a 4 year old that died of cancer a few months ago. which I just read a few moments ago and am still wiping the tears from my eyes, would I be reading a book about surviving death.

Surviving Death: Evidence of the Afterlife

I picked this book, "Surviving Death" because I wanted to hear from someone who actually did a lot of research into what it was like either surviving death or life after death.

It is something that many people struggle with in their faith-- and that is what happens or becomes of us after we die?

So let's cut to the chase and open this book!

By the way, brownie points already because it's hard cover and very nice and clean cover as well. Very white cover-- with all meaning of light and life after death unwritten all over it.

It is broken down as such:

Part 1: Is there Life Before Birth?

Part 2; To Death and Back Again

Part 3: Communications from Nonlocal Minds

Part 4: The Impossible Made Real

You would think a journalist of all people would be the most objective because their goals in researching any topic, whether it be the cafeteria food or the after life, would be taking extreme measure to make sure what they were saying was total on point and with lots of back up material to support their claims.

So in saying that, this is why I wanted to read this book. The idea of afterlife or surviving death has always fascinated me because of close experience while having surgeries as a child. But now to see things being researched and laid out in a scientific way is super helpful.

From the first story about the boy who was barely two and remembering details about world war II fighter jets that not only did most adults not know but that it took his father, who was a die hard Christian, having to research speaks immense volumes. It shook everything in him and his faith.

You will have a hard time putting down this book if you are open to hearing what it has to say.

I am sitting here, reading this story with my cup of peppermint tea (and it's refill on the way) just thinking to myself that it is one am and as I am reading this book I am leaning closer and closer in. Not because I am tired. Well, I am,  but that is besides the point. I lean in because I can't believe what I am reading. It is amazing and awe inspiring all at the same time.

This will send goosies all up and down your arm. It's amazing.

This has got to be one of my top books thus far that will stay on my shelves and I will be reading and reading this book over and over again.

Sometimes, when we try to define things, and you send a journalist out there, you will find answers that even you didn't want to hear sometimes. You will have to be open to this as a reader.

Things are much bigger than us in this world and this definitely solidified it for me more and more about the mysteries of life. This book is helpful in determining that little by little through powerful stories.

Even if you don't believe in the after life or past lives or surviving death, you would enjoy this book for sure thrill because it is like watching the ultimate sci fi story or a movie that has you hooked.

This book gets 🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕 out of 5.

Book Description:

While exploring the evidence for an afterlife, I witnessed some unbelievable things that are not supposed to be possible in our material world. Yet they were unavoidably and undeniably real. Despite my initial doubt, I came to realize that there are still aspects of Nature which are neither understood or accepted, even though their reality has profound implications for understanding the true breadth of the human psyche and its possible continuity after death. 

 So begins Leslie Kean s impeccably researched, page-turning investigation revealing stunning and wide-ranging evidence suggesting that consciousness survives death. Here she continues her examination of unexplained phenomena that began with her provocative and controversial New York Times bestsellerUFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record. Keanexplores the most compelling case studies involving young children reporting verifiable details from past lives, contemporary mediums who seem to defy the boundaries of the brain and the material world, apparitions providing information about their lives on earth, and ordinary people who recount some of the most extraordinary near-death experiences ever recorded. Kean's first book, and her credibility as a seasoned and well-respected journalist, made people take notice of a topic that many considered implausible. This book will do the same this time enriched by Kean s reactions to her own perplexing experiences encountered while she probed the universal question concerning all of us: Is there life after death?"

* I received this book in exchange for my honest review from Blogging for Books *

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