Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Secret Bridge

I was so excited to recieve and review my copy of the The Secret Bridge from Lamplighter Publishing and begin reading this one myself. One for the mum to read for Homeschool Review Crew and Lamplighter Publishing.

When I got the book, I have to say that it was one of the most well packaged books I have ever gotten that I have reviewed this far. It was wrapped in brown paper and then put in a box that was exact to the sizing of the book. I can't say how many times that I get a big box for a small book which to be honest is irritating to me as someone who cares about the environment. But it is nice that they make boxes just for this book to fit the size (and it has the publishing logo for Lamplighter on it which is pretty too).

The book itself is leather or faux-leather bound and is honestly just a delight to hold. The picture on the cover is engraved on the leather (or faux-leather) and gold painted too. What doesn't want you want to open up this book already??

 Just holding the book in my hands sets the scene for being taken back in time with the story itself. I give 5 stars for the cover alone. And the binding is much better than most books are these days too.

When you open the cover, you start to read the book and you can see that an artist's hand has been in care of this book in a way that takes you back 'in style' including the lettering of each chapter number and title to look old fashioned on top of the way the book is handled already. Well done.

In fact, I thought the 1899 date on it was for show-- but it was not. The author, Amy Le Feuvre lived from 1861 to 1929 and this book was written in the later part of her life. She wrote many books and came from a background of teaching. She knew how to write, suffice to say.

As you are reading, the words are as descriptive as the cover. It is well done. It is not over done, and yes, there is such a thing. You get involved in the story telling right away.

A sailor, Godfrey Bullingham, has been watching Bridget Channing, for weeks on the boat before landing. He was intrigued deeply by her as someone who did not act high of class and wasn't something he was fully used to. He was very smitten with her to say the least.

When they get off the boat, he makes a point of making contact with her and when she finds herself without any money, or any roof over her head, he is there to try to rescue her. He has to leave for sea for a year but makes a hard effort to have her as his wife before he has to leave. She finally accepts his proposal a day before he was to leave for sea. She feels bad though because she is wondering if it was just for show, for charity. He really fell for her and she has a hard time believing that.

He leaves her in the hands of the Dents and she must keep her marriage a secret as she learns more about her path that lie ahead. She is learning secrets about her new found marriage and family (and herself) in the process.

She meets a man on the beach, who used to leave in the house, which is full of history, who simply changes her life by encouraging her to get to know Him better. So where does this journey take her? Does she fully fall in love and head over heels for her new husband?  Gotta read it to find out.

It is somewhat slower to start but once you are in the story, not only are you taken back to a different time, culture, and place, you are engrossed in it.  You find yourself thinking in old fashioned English a little bit after reading it.

I would recommend for high schoolers and above.

It has adventure, romance, depth all in it. In fact, I fell asleep in the hammock outside reading this. I have read it with a cup of tea, and frankly, it's just a way to wind down too.

I give this book ⛅⛅⛅⛅⛅ out of 5.

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