Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Typing Coach

We get to review The Typing Coach Online Typing Course which is by The Typing Coach.

I think that just like writing and handwriting along with cursive is a lost art that isn't taught in a lot of schools that the same thing can be said for teaching kids to type properly.

I am a big propenent of teaching kids some basic skills so that they can translate what is in their heads to putting it on paper or on screen so they can articulate what they are trying to say.

How many times have kids struggled with homework or typing a report because they are lacking the skills to be legible or to be able to type a report up quickly?

You have to print things out which seems counter intuitive to a typing coach. I am not a big fan having to print things. Such as needing to print the Gettysburg address to be able to type it. Why not give the list of what you need and I can check out a book? Just a nice addition and thought.

The owner of the video is great at the video and speaking slowly and explaining everything-- including how to get started and skipping the intro if you already know or more, your child knows, the super basics.

Under each lesson, you have audio and video. This is a big plus.

Each lesson is more like a guided set of videos giving tips and tricks without the traditional online practice that you see roaming around. But what is great about the practice portion, you can do it through audio too (more on that later). They expect you to do the practice offline as well which is totally fine and totally a great way of doing it. It gives them real life practice in learning how to type from reading or type into word.

If I had to review it in terms of five stars, it would definitely lose one or possibly one and half for the lack of this online feature because it seems like any and all programs I have seem have a built in typing game. Especially with how the logo looks. It would be helpful to have all aspects of practice in, including a game. But maybe the point was not to do that so they get a more traditional sense of how to do it and that is okay too and it's still a great program nevertheless.

However, it does it via audio in some of the lessons-- so you can bring up word document or google document to have the kids practice. This is especially good for audio learners. And honestly, it is a great skill to be able to think something and not look at the keyboard or being able to hear it and type it without skipping a beat.

So I like that it is un-traditional yet traditional in how it teaches kids to learn to type.

Each of my older kids who are of the age that they really need the practice of being able to type for papers, my third and fifth graders, had a crack at using this program.

The fact that it is very to-the-point in terms of the tips, I could see my kids using them right away when they were watching them. I found that when I had them doing the typing part of the lessons, they were using the methods taught to be able to type.  I appreciated the to-the-point part of it when they can better integrate this with other lessons they are doing throughout school.

My kids were having a hard time at first with getting the tips and tricks down so when they did the WPM test (word per minute) they didn't do well at all at first. I explained to them that just like learning everything, this is a skill and it is not tested. It is just building the skill to help them in their every day life. I saw the difference once I explained it that way. Which is another reason I appreciate the way they lay it out.

You can download each audio lesson at the top of each lesson. This makes a great reference.
It would be nice on the audio though, if they had gentle music in the background to ease the tension a little bit for some kids who are easily anxious. He is very good though about not rushing.

It definitely sounds like this guy has been a tutor before in keyboarding and typing which is great. He even includes a stretch break in the lessons.

All in all I would definitely encourage people to use this as it's another tool in the bag and will help you be able to type- and even keep your posture while doing so. I am being reminded as I type that, that I need to straight my back and stretch often.

So everyone in the family will learn something from this! Even the parents because we have forgotten sometimes even the basics of what we have been taught.

So, learn together as a family!

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