Monday, June 19, 2017

Troop 5823 Summer 2017 Schedule

I will update this calendar for our troop summer schedule as things get added or changed. Please check this if you have any questions.

We officially start the year with the school year in September though Bridging is likely 30th Sept.

* RSVP links are below with the event name. Ie: 3rd, Movie. The word movie will be your link to the event. Click that and RSVP yes, maybe, or no. 
* Important info or polls are on the event page that you RSVP on specifically
* Troop only covers the cost of the girls for any given event, unless otherwise noted either way
* If deposits are needed, we will let you know on the event page or in email
* There will be patches for most, if not all, the events listed.


-- Not pictured is the US Capital patch and the eclipse one
-- The Nationals one is from last year, this year's one looks like a t-shirt
-- The Brownie Pin is something that will be optional but is very rare, I will let you know requirements on the other page once leaders meet
-- The Canoe and Farmer's Market one (where you walk away with food too) is a maybe since I am waiting to hear back from those groups.

The rest of June will remain unplanned since the troop leader, I personally, am a summer volunteer day camp counsellor for those two remaining weeks.

Girls can get the reading patch (I will post requirements here when I get the chance).

4th-- Parade 
5th--- $1 Summer Movie Trolls July 5 Trolls Trailer
7th US Capital Tour
28th July- Fishing at Anacostia

1st or 2nd $1 Summer Movie Kubo   (Kubo and the Two Strings Trailer) * answer day on poll
21st Solar Eclipse               * answer question on poll on event page
26th Summer Fun Day (Ice Cream Making, etc)

9th Pool Party               * Answer question on poll on event page- date may change
10th Folk Festival (Fundraiser-- all hands on deck)
17th Nationals Game
23rd Beach Clean up + Fun Day (Mel's Bronze Award Project)
30th Bridging           * This is where girls go on to their next scouting year, some moving up a level.                                        Will have archery too!

All the events listed above are on the google calendar, but you must RSVP on Facebook.
The google calendar with instructions on how to link are here *

* Canoeing (would likely be the 9th of Sept-- waiting to hear back)
* Farmers Market in SE (THEARC)-- Fridays 4pm (waiting to hear back for group tour)
* Brownie Challenge Pin
* Save Outdoor Sculptures?

We are excited to do all these really cool things this summer with you guys!!! Don't forget to RSVP so we can plan for you to be there!

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