Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Reign of Terror

We are excited to be able to review In the Reign of Terror by Heirloom Audio Productions

We are excited about this review and the study guide that is part of what Live the Adventure Club offers. We previously got to review The Cat of Bubastes last year and we really loved it. It is definitely something that we will listen to and re listen to for a really long time. So getting the chance to review another GA Henty was a no brainer for us.

The study guide is great because it gives a written version of the story being told by audio that way kids can follow along. I have to say that this is a huge plus for me because I can read it too as a parent to even build on the already thorough comprehensive questions that they have for them to do if you choose as a teacher to have them fill out. This is great because it gives them the capacity to count an audio book as a literature lesson in its own right. This is great as a skill for any kid to learn. Plus, as a teacher, they learn more through being about to listen to the story and then me read it later. But there is so much more well-rounded things that the study guide offers and it gives them critical thinking skills and such. They are more than well prepared and they get to do it in a more unconventional way that meets (and possibly even exceeds) standards for the grades your kids are in (and this is, of course, depending on where your child is). That's where the script comes in handy because you can challenge them beyond that too.

I literally had them build a fort underneath the kitchen table to be able to make listening to this story fun for them. It was not short of stuff animals, candy and popcorn. Hey, might as well have fun with it right?


The story starts with an Englishman talking to a boy named Harry and telling a story about the French Revolution. A young man also named Harry stayed at a noble's house in France, planning to stay for four years but ended up having to save the noble's family. Harry had to save the marque and his family from the deadly guillotine. It is sort of like The Cat of Bubastes, but more violent. Also, It is pretty long and can be boring sometimes and the parts were a Frenchman was speaking true French, it was hard to understand. Besides that, it had a great plot and it had some interesting plot twists. My favourite part was when a a character told a funny joke that I liked because it was made me laugh. I give this audio book 4 out of 5 stars. It's because it was a bit violent and dislike violence. Other than that is cool. I recommend this audio book to kids 9+ because it can get scary or violent at parts. It is a cool audio book but it should be listened to in parts, not all at once. That is because when we listened to it like that, we lost interest and got distracted easily. See you next time.


The audio book is a story about a man telling a story about a boy named Harry who goes through many obstacles (some if he failed would die) before making it to safety. I liked the audio book because it is adventurous and exciting at the same time.something I didn't like is that it is very, very long and at some points it was boring.  I would recommend the audio book to people nine or up because it was very violent. And until next time see' ya.

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In the Reign of Terror {Heirloom Audio Productions Reviews}

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