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Donate to the Jamahri Sydnor's Scholarship in Her Honour πŸ’” 🌠 {Scout of the Day}

There are some moments you don't forget. This was one of them from me. Even though I didn't know this Jamahri Sydnor personally here in Washington DC or have her personally in my troop, she is HANDS DOWN earning scout of the day on this blog.

 In fact, writing this is hard because this shouldn't be happening to anyone, but especially to young people. Their lives should not be cut short by reckless "accidents". The world needs them. The world desperately needs them. So I write this. 

Sitting in my service unit meeting (a meeting for a large group of girl scout leaders from a specific area) and I got a notification on my phone. And it was this:

From the GSCNC CEO: Lidia Soto-Harmon
30th August 2017. 
Yesterday I had the sad duty to present the US flag flown over the Capitol to the mom of one of our Girl Scouts who was shot in the head in plain daylight as she took her nephew to get a haircut for her sister's wedding. Jamahri Sydnor had earned the Silver Award and had been a counselor at our day camps. At 17 she was excited to attend Florida A&M University. Her mom a DC police officer told me Jamahri donated her heart to a 12 year old boy and her liver to a Philadelphia police officer. #heartbroken. I will send you a link to her Scholarship Fund.

πŸ’” My reaction πŸ’”
It broke my heart and tears immediately filled my eyes. Thankfully, I was in the back of the room so no one noticed. I showed this note to a few leader friends of mine in complete shock. I lead a mostly African-American but very culturally and ethnically diverse girl scout troop, so this hit me very close to home. Not to mention, that this happened in Washington D.C., my home. 

It would be absolutely devastating to have this happen to one of my scouts and I could NEVER imagine my troop without any given girl I have in it, simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Bad things really do happen to good people... and yet, we MUST tell her story and help leave her legacy as a good mark. In fact, we can help raise money to help send other young people off in her honour to do better things in this world so her death is not in vain.

This scholarship fund has almost two thousand shares from the scholarship fund page and just over eight thousand dollars raised out of the one hundred thousand goal. Please consider honouring a girl scout's memory by donating to this scholarship fund so others may find the same spark in life that she did. 

The Story (From the Scholarship Fund Page (Please donate to): 

Jamahri Rome Sydnor Memorial & Scholarship Fund

Even in death, Jamahri's unrelenting, indiscriminate love continues to abound the earth and resonate in the hearts of all who have ever encountered her!  She was indeed a Beacon of Light!

Ask anyone who knew her, they will tell you that Jamahri Sydnor was the epitome of LIFE!  

She loved to dance and was the essence of grace, beauty and spunk.   With a heart of gold, and wisdom beyond her years and experience, she touched the lives of so many with her infectious smile, high energy and positive attitude toward everything.

She was full of hopes and had dreams that exceeded your imagination!  She dreamed magnanimously!  She spoke with strong convictions, boldness, and confidence.  Jamahri never met a stranger and she walked in faith and saw goodness and promise in everyone she met.
Her life changed in an instant on August 10, 2017, when Jamahri was struck in the head by a stray bullet.  She was performing her role as aunty, an assignment that she treasured and took very seriously.  She had picked up her nephew from a relative's house to help with errands, as her family prepared for her sister’s upcoming nuptials on the following day.  After putting up a valiant fight, she succumbed to her injuries on August 12, 2017.

During her short 17-year life, Jamahri loved wholeheartedly and accomplished so much.  On June 10, 2017, she graduated from Woodrow Wilson Senior High School in Washington, DC, where  she served as the captain of the cheer leading squad, a peer counselor, member of the choir, and friend and confidante to all who knew her.  
Before meeting her tragic demise on this very dreadful day, Jamahri was excited and looked forward to joining the 2021 freshman class of Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, FL, on August 21, 2017, to begin the next chapter of her life.  After attending orientation in July, she was more ready than ever, to face this challenge head on.  

Jamahri's personal motto was "Destined for Greatness!  Know meeee!"  

The shock of Jamahri’s untimely and tragic death has had an enormous, and devastating impact on her family, friends, and community.   As such, Jamahri, affectionately known by her family and friends as "Jammi",  cannot die in vain.  Her spirit must continue to encircle the earth and positively impact the lives of those whom she left behind.   As stated previously, Jamahri never met a stranger!  

To continue her legacy, her family and friends wish to honor her memory and continue the spread of her infectious and energetic smile by establishing a scholarship in her memory.  If you would like to support this effort, please do so here.  
Jamahri made an immense impression on everyone that encountered her and she will truly be missed!!!  


Please Donate to her Memorial Scholarship Fund Here! 

There is nothing more heart wrenching both as a mum and a scout leader to raise your kids right and do all that you can to be a strong presence in your community as a family unit, to have something as small as a stray bullet come crashing that down in an instant.

My hope, is that no one is crushed by this but that the community here that I call home, steps up around this family, this community, and those kids that go to change their world by supporting them.

Thanks for listening and please share! 

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