Monday, October 9, 2017

Fall Campout for Pack 33 Den 6

The Pack Camp Out is coming up! This has a lot of information so please read it. Remember, you can also always come back to this as well.

that we hope will be fulfilled at camp out (and also on the Tiger Calendar here)::
* Bobcat Requirement and Rank
* Tiger in the Wild,2, 3C, 4, 5. 6 (any parents know about, 7t trees)
* Games Tiger Play 3

IMPORTANT!!! To make bobcat rank at the campfire, YOU MUST do the booklet in regards to preventing child abuse in the front with your son AND Cyber Chip. The Cyber Chip can be completed here. You can screenshot completion, print and bring in, or go on scout honour that you did it (though I will ask what they did and learned).  

Quick Important things:
* While this is camping, parents you are expected to watch your kids and we all help each other
* You don't have to arrive in Class A. 
* Class B's will be for sale for both kids and adults. $12 a shirt.
* NO stick fighting or war games
* Older boys are not allowed to carry their pocketknives outside their camp out
* If the stick fighting happens or a boy is carrying around a pocket knife, please ask them to stop and talk to their den leader. Tigers should NOT have any pocket knives with them at all!
* Buddy System! No boys are to go off into the woods or leave the campsite by themselves. They need to have a buddy and to check in with a leader or parent before and after.
* Latrines/bathrooms- To adhere to BSA Youth Protection policy, unless it is a family bathroom with ONLY your family, you must have your boys go into their bathroom by themselves and the same for the girls/women.  
* This is going to be the Tigers first campout together.  The boys are going to be bouncing off the trees. Active parent participation will go a long way towards taming these wild Cubs enough to keep the campout focused on the fun and free from any safety incidents.
* There will be a pack first aid kit and Victoria and Anthony will both have smaller first aid kits. As set out in Tigers in the Wild, a first aid kit is a hike essential so if you have your own, bring it. But we will be in a group so it will not be essential to have your own.

Pack Dinner:
* Pack supplies main dish-- bring a side dish to share

Den Breakfast
* While the Golden Spatula is fun, which is a breakfast competition, we are going to be teaching the boys to cook on the fire for breakfast. If you have camp stoves and gas that is great, please bring it.
* Breakfast: Breakfast Burritos (eggs, milk) with optional toppings (cheese, onions, green sweet peppers, bacon). Please plan to bring veggie versions of the bacon if you wish. We also plan to have coffee there as well! We will have another option as well such as bagels and cream cheese or the like. 
* PLEASE bring $10 for the breakfast, as we split this cost as a den. It may very well lower than that, but we tried to be prepared, right?

Email from our Assistant Cubmaster/Outdoor Coordinator, Jonathan. 

Pack 33
2017 Fall Campout
Washington Monument State Park
6620 Zittlestown Rd
Middletown, MD 21769

WHO: All Pack 33 Cub Scouts and their families
WHEN3PM October 14 - 11AM October 15, 2017  (Webelos arrive on October 13, 2017)
WHERE: Washington Monument State Park, 6620 Zittlestown Rd, Middletown, MD 21769

Day 1, October 14th
3:00 – 4:00 Check in; arrive at your assigned site in the Youth Group Camping Area and make camp (See Map Below)

4:00 – 5:30 Den Organized hikes along the Appalachian Trail to the first Washington
Monument. Hike duration is about 45 minutes round trip. Dens may also
program Den level advancement activities- TIGERS, we can do the hike and the bobcat requirements during this time.

5:30 – 6:00 Den Opening Assembly; put on your Class A uniform, pick up your cup,
plate and utensils gather as a den at your campsite picnic tables, then
march up the hill to Fort Necessity for the Pack Cookout

6:00 – 7:00 Pack Opening Assembly and Cookout; meet at the Fort Necessity Picnic

7:00 – 7:30 Smores at Fort Necessity.

7:30 – 815ish Pack Campfire and S’mores (Likely at Youth Site 2, but look out for announcement)

8:30 – 9:15 Den Fellowship Campfire; return to your Den campsite (See Map Below)

9:30 – 10:00 Bedtime preparations; Dens 1,4,6 use the restrooms in the centre of the
Youth Group Camping Area, and Den 2 and 3 use the restrooms near the
Fort Necessity Picnic Shelter

10:00 Lights out

Day 2, October 15th
8:15 – 10:00 Breakfast/Golden Spatula Challenge; check with your Den Leader for instructions. Weather conditions will determine logistics and an announcement will be
made at the Cookout the night before. Expected Judging times are:
Webelos 2 – 8:30AM, Webelos 1 – 8:45AM, Bears – 9AM, Wolves –
9:15AM, Tigers 9:30AM. (Judges please meet at the Webelos 2 website
at 8:15AM and will conclude with judging at Fort Necessity Picnic Shelter
at 9:45AM)

9:15 – 10:00 Webelos 1 will lead Pack Games on the upper field for Bears, Wolves

and Tigers as they complete their Golden Spatula. 

10:30- Noon- Breakdown from camp! 

You Survived Your First Pack Camp out! YAY! 
Can't wait til Spring 2018?! Neither can we!

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